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Shopping companion apps have revolutionized the way we shop, and if you have yet to download any, today we’re sharing some of the best with some pretty awesome features. Having the apps to use at their corresponding stores could be saving you a ton of money and time, from cash back on receipts, to price checking, 20% off on certain items with Amazon Prime, and so much more, the deals are endless.

Amazon Shopping

If you’re not a frequent Amazon shopper, I’m here to tell you that it’s one of the best ways to shop for just about anything. From classic Amazon to Prime, Prime Pantry, and Amazon Family, you can have almost anything you need shipped to your doorstep within 48 hours. While Amazon itself is always free to shop on, by paying just $99 a year, you’ll also get access to Prime Video, free 2-day shipping on your orders, and so much more.

In the Amazon Shopping app itself, you can create and add to your wishlists, update or view your membership, browse what’s available, and even order something you need in just one click. If you find yourself scrambling to find time to run to the store, whether you’re in search of a Birthday gift, laundry detergent, or a box of cereal, the Amazon Shopping app will alleviate some of that stress all while simplifying your typical shopping routine.

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Let’s face it: everyone shops at Walmart. Whether it’s an emergency once-in-a-lifetime trip for a new tire while on vacation, or you find yourself being a regular there every week, Walmart is one of America’s most popular shopping centers. And with the Walmart app to accompany you on whatever kind of trip you’re taking there, you’ll be glad to have it with all of the amazing features the app has to offer. You’ll be in and out in no time.

One of those amazing features is the ability to scan an item to do a price check. While that may sound simple, if you’ve ever had to go to the other end of the store to the one and only kiosk, only to find it’s out of service or there’s a huge line, then you know just how fantastic this feature really is. Another feature is Walmart Pay, where you’ll be able to checkout in a breeze. And while there’s a ton of other features we could list here, one more worth mentioning is Savings Catcher. When you scan your receipt after purchasing, the Walmart app will price match eligible items in your cart with lower prices at other stores, and you’ll get the difference back on an eGift card, actually saving you a good amount of money in the long run.

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Even if you only darken the doors of your local Starbucks once a year, downloading the app and creating an account is entirely worth it. Even with just one purchase a year, you’ll get special rewards, including a free drink on your Birthday. And for those of you that find yourselves frequenting Starbucks quite often, the app has some awesome features for regulars that you’re not going to want to miss out on. If that’s you, then you already know about the Starbucks card, but did you know you can ditch the card entirely by syncing it into the app for future use? Reloadable even through the app, you won’t ever have to try and find that pesky card again.

Another awesome feature in the Starbucks app is Order Ahead. The name basically speaks for itself, but right within the app, you can customize your order of however many drinks you want, skipping the line every time. This is especially great if you’re the one your coworkers send out to grab everyone’s favorite drinks; order from your phone Having office, making sure to get everyone’s order correct, and then go pick them up in store. From the app, you can also tip your barista and send Starbucks e-gift cards to your friends and family.

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Ah, eBay. The world’s choice for buying and selling, the eBay app can be a great way for you to sell off some items you don’t need for a little extra cash, or for simply browsing great deals on different things you’ve been wanting to get. The awesome thing about eBay is that if you’re looking to save some money but still get a quality item in awesome condition, typically there’ll be a ton of different deals on even high priced items. It’s also a great place to get things you can’t find in stores anymore (including Nintendo Gameboy Advanced games, in case you were wondering).

From the eBay app, you can do everything you can do on eBay’s website, and then some. You’ll be promptly notified when you’ve sold something, when someone else has outbid you on an item, and so on. Also, the eBay app is one of the easiest ways to list the things you’re wanting to sell. You can take pictures right from the selling dashboard, list each of your items, and keep track of which items have sold, which items haven’t, and how much your total pay will be. Extremely handy to have that info on your phone, every eBay user will benefit from downloading the app.

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Sure, you can have your stuff shipped to you from the Target app, but it’s also a great shopping companion app to have with you at the store. In the Target app, you can select your local Target to see just exactly what they have on stock, and which aisle you’ll be able to find it in. This eliminates the stress of trying to find that one last item on your list that’s not in it’s typical place. And besides some awesome mobile coupons, you’ll also be able to create a shopping list. If you’re at home and you’ve used up the last of something, simply scan it before throwing the container away and it’ll be added to your shopping list for later.

Another great thing about the Target app is how you can keep track of all of your gift cards digitally. Similar to the Starbucks app, you can enter all of your physical gift cards into the app itself. You can say goodbye to fishing through your purse or pulling out all of the cards in your wallet only to find that the gift card you had in mind only has 36¢ left on it, and instead just hold up your phone, have the gift card scanned digitally, and be on your way.

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If you find yourself at any store often, it might be completely worth it to see if they have a shopping companion app to make things a little easier (or just more awesome) for you! From in-store pickup to money back on your receipts, or easier navigation with online stores, the benefits are endless.

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