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Keeping all of your favorite sites organized isn’t always easy, especially when you want to stay updated with all of them. That’s where RSS feed readers come in. Not familiar with RSS feeds? It’s where you compile all of your favorite internet content into one feed, so you don’t have to individually be keeping up with health/exercise websites, food blogs, travel diaries, and so on. When you sign up for an RSS feed reader, all those things are in one place.

We’ve got a whole list of the best RSS feed readers for you to utilize after the break.



gReader has everything you could ever want in a feed reader. You have the ability to read offline, listen to podcasts, notifications, etc. One of the cool features is that you can also listen to the news. Yes, that means in the car on the way to work, or as you get ready in the morning, you can have gReader read you all the latest from your favorite sites.

gReader is also extremely customizable. Choose from a variety of views, themes, night-mode, invert website/blog colors, etc. You can also opt in or opt out of notifications, search easily by keywords, and it adapts to tablets amazingly. Can’t remember if you read something already or not? No worries, gReader’s status widget will let you know!

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Feedly is a popular name in the RSS feed reader world, particularly after the plug was pulled on Google Reader. Since then, Feedly has become one of the “big names” in the RSS area. It’s easy to use, has a clean look and is always being updated to better serve their customers. Not only that, but this helps them stay ahead of the game when it comes to behind-the-scenes technology and a relevant design.

Not only does Feedly allow you to search for and add your favorite articles and podcasts, but you can also add things like YouTube channels. And, it’s so easy to share (or pin) anything you were reading, watching, or listening to that you loved for others to enjoy. And similar to Pocket, if you’re not quite ready to read something, you can save it for later.

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While Pocket isn’t specifically an RSS feed reader, it’s perfect for anyone who isn’t totally committed to subscribing to receive all the content in a particular category from all different websites. Pocket is one of the handiest apps we’ve ever used, because you can save articles and media for later with barely a touch of a button.

Pocket creates an option on your Android device to “save to Pocket” whenever you come across something interesting. For example, say you’re standing in line at a store, scrolling through your phone, and an article or podcast catches your eye. Simply hit “save to Pocket,” in the browser, and you’ll be able to pull it up when you have more time to devote to it. Pocket makes for some fantastic, personalized “Sunday paper” reading.

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Aggregator is one of the simplest RSS feeders you’ll find, which is great for anyone who has a jam-packed schedule, as well as those who aren’t into things with a ton of extra features, just looking for a basic app to keep their news all in one place. Now, don’t mistake it’s simplicity for bad-quality, because Aggregator is more than enough without being over the top.

In the app, you have the option to choose from two different themes (dark and light), and you’ll be able to also keep track of what you haven’t read yet. And, if you’re new to RSS feed readers, this would be a great one for you. It’s never been easier to streamline your news intake while getting exactly what you want to read.

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NewBit is really cool because it’s not just an RSS feed reader, but also an actual news app. You of course are free to (and encouraged to, since that’s half the app) customize it with your personal daily digest and favorite websites, but you will also have access to news sites through NewsBit like CNN, The Guardian, Lifehacker, Los Angeles Times, USA today, and more.

If you’re not quite sure what kind of news you want to subscribe to, NewsBit will give you suggestions to try. This is perfect if you’re still working on filling your feed, and looking for categories that catch your interest. Your feed is also displayed in an eye-catching grid view.

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Feedmesh is full of unique features. Instead of all running together, your content stays separated so that you can easily keep track of it all. While it keeps everything organized, it also cuts the clutter so you get exactly what you want, and nothing you’re not interested in. You’ll be able to easily pick up Feedmesh from anywhere and enjoy some light reading, even if only for a few minutes.

Another cool thing about Feedmesh is that if you’re not quite sure what you want to add, or you do know but can’t remember the name, they have a handy search bar where you can enter topics and keywords to find exactly what you were looking for.

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Flipboard offers a unique RSS feed reading experience unlike other apps we’ve seen. When you download it and create an account, it will become, as they describe it, “your personal magazine.” It really is like magazine, except since it’s completely catered to you, you won’t end up merely skimming through this one.

Not only is it super easy to add what you want to see (just hit the “+” button), but you can also follow other people’s feeds. See what your favorite celebrities are reading, or connect your social media to see what your friends are keeping up with. The best part? While some of the higher-end feed readers will cost you a few bucks, Flipboard is completely free without compromising quality.

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There are an abundance of RSS feed readers out there in cyberspace. We’re pretty confident that these are some of the best of the best out there, and you’ll find something in no time! But if you’re still not sure what to get, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to download a couple that caught your eye from this list and try them both out. One thing’s for certain: there’s something for everybody in this list, whether you’re looking for a magazine-style reader, something to organize all of your news in one space or even an RSS reader that can keep track of your podcasts.

About the Author: Brad Ward

Brad is a tech enthusiast, writing and tinkering with all things technology since 2011. He currently bounces between the LG G3 and his beloved Moto X! His interests include reading, entrepreneurship, the gym, and of course, queso.

  • justafew

    Palabre really needs to be included here. It’s become my daily driver for RSS feeds.

    • Devmil

      Definitely Palabre! Most versatile and responsive RSS/Feedly client I ever had! I recommend this to everyone that asks for a RSS reader.

    • Fabian

      Not for me. I want need news not advertisement.

      • justafew

        Valid point. I had forgotten the free version does have ads. I don’t see them as I purchased the full version using Google Opinion Rewards credits.
        If you aren’t using Rewards, you should try it out as I have received over $130 in Play Store credits in the last two years. Makes the purchase of apps/pro versions a much easier decision when it’s not my own money! LOL

  • John S.

    I’ve been using GreatNews for about 3 yrs now and it’s Awesome. It’s a portable program that can be run on a
    flash drive, which I do and take with me. Very easy interface. The fact that it’s portable and doesn’t get tied down
    to a computer is what I like the most.

  • Thank you so much for mentioning us in the article Brad. Happy to be here with the awesome other products! :)

  • Gerki

    I use RSS Reader Xoonity with voice reading, You should add it to the list.

  • Jose Clarindo

    I am using ZNews Zebra for Android, simple and fast.