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The ultimate goal in the creation of smartphones and tablets was one thing: connection. They’ve paved the way to make connecting with others a cinch, but app developers have taken it even a step further by creating content and games that people from all over the world can play together. Sure, this introduces us to great people we might not have met otherwise, but it’s also helped bridge the gap between friends who are geographically too far away to hang out on a Friday night.

The apps in this list vary—some are designed for friends to be sitting right next to you, and others are meant for connecting you with new people, while some have features for both. But either way, they’re all perfect for the age-old tradition of bringing people together!



Dual is a simplistic app that brings the multiplayer awesomeness we all remember from our Nintendo DS’ to our Android devices. Dual is made to give you and a friend another way to play games, when you’re together, and in real-time.

Facing each other, you’ll hold your Android devices together to make one big screen, and you go from there! In the Dual galaxy, you’ll be able to shoot and fight against each other, or even work towards the common goal of defending the middle. Dual gets players face-to-face—or should I say, phone-to-phone?

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Bomber Friends


Pacman lovers will find great satisfaction in Bomber Friends. Bomber Friends is very Pacman-esque, but 2-4 players get to play in each match. In a field of bombs, whoever is the last man standing, wins. Play with your friends, neighbors, or even random strangers. Choose from different boards, and even customize your character.

And something special for the political at heart, Bomber Friends also currently has a Presidential Primary Challenge going on, where you can play as your favorite Primary! This challenge is only for a limited time, and it’s a friendly and hilarious way to wind down in your spare time before November.

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We’ve mentioned Cubemen before, but we’re mentioning it again because it’s just that awesome and worth downloading! In Cubemen, you’ll play red or blue, and you’ll basically fight against the other color until one of you ends up defeated. It’s as easy as selecting your men, giving them orders, and sending them off. May the best hue win!

While Cubemen can be played against an NPC, it’s best features are within the multi-player spectrum. And of course you can play against a friend, but what if there were 6 of you instead of 2? That’s right—in mayhem mode, you can do exactly that.

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Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia


There’s no way to describe Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia better than to say that it’s a blast. Extremely engaging with smooth controls, you pick your favorite character, and then you can either go and begin training (offline), or jump straight into online and play with up to 6 other players. With a variety of options, you can play every man for himself, or even team up and fight against your enemies.

Jam-packed with awesome cartoon weapons and gear like rocket boots, snipers and grenades, shotguns, flamethrowers, and more! And with optional, purchasable features like the Pro Player Pack, you can further your skills and expand your arsenal, making DA2 a multiplayer app that just keeps getting better with time.

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Spider Square


Spider Square is similar to Dual in that it’s super simple, and yet extremely addictive. Unlock and choose from a ton of different spider squares, and then you’ll be on your way to gathering gems and conquering caves. Gain achievements, and even see how you rank on the leaderboards.

In Spider Square, there are several ways to play. Play by yourself on “easy,” or “normal,” or, even better, play with your friends, or online. You’ll be able to take part in different multiplayer challenges, and things can get pretty intense for such a seamless game. Will you beat your friends in conquering the cave?

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Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans has become a multiplayer classic for Android. It’s been a popular game for quite a long time now, but it’s worth mentioning because the hype hasn’t diminished in the least. Clash of Clans is still one of the smoothest, best multiplayer games out there. It’s never been easier to team up with your friends or connect with people in other parts of the world.

Yeah, it’s popular. And we can see exactly why. With amazing graphics and the ability to build your army of wizards, archers, barbarians, and more, why wouldn’t it be all the rage? But that’s not all. Clash of Clans has so many features (all very addictive, I might add), and it’s awesome that you can team up with others to fight opponents, or be a one-man-band and declare victory over your enemies yourself!

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Prop Hunt


Hide and seek is 100 times more fun when it’s digital, straight from your couch. Prop Hunt lets you do exactly that, and more. Depending what team you’re on, you will be given an allotted time to find a hiding place and disguise yourself. The other team will have to come and find you before the time is up, or you win, and vice versa.

With a ton of game modes and a variety of ways to play, Prop Hunt is sure to become a favorite of yours. You simply join the game, and run into any prop you want to become a duplicate of it. Hide as a trash can, a street pole, a bush, and more. Someone spotted you? No worries, there’s no reason to stay put. Prop Hunt is a hilarious version of the classic hide and seek that we all know and love.

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For the English majors (or even those looking to expand their vocabulary), Ruzzle is one of the best, most polished word game apps available for Android. Play challenges alone, against the clock, or with people from around the world. Whoever beats the clock with the most, and longest words, gets the most points.

One of the unique things about Ruzzle is that it’s super interactive, beyond just swiping your finger across the screen to connect letters. Play with people you know by adding them to your friends list, or play with random people across the globe. You can even chat with your opponent in between rounds. How awesome is that?

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These apps are a healthy mix of some well-loved titles as well as some brand new options. Maybe we were even able to convince you to download one you’ve been on the fence about! Whatever the case may be, we hope it gave you some ideas to get your friends together, or make a few new ones. Singleplayer games can be fun, but there’s nothing like getting together with a few friends and having a fun time around some video games.

Have you tried any of these apps? Which one’s your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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