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Clipping coupons can be such a pain, especially if you don’t have the time to dedicate to it. Plus, although you know you’re saving money, are you saving money on things you actually would’ve bought without a coupon? With so many factors involved, it can be hard to keep up with your standard coupon, and even those pesky store rewards cards. But thankfully, there’s apps for that.

From store rewards card holders to purchasable coupons, to shopping rewards in gift cards and actual cash rebates, today we’ve put together a list of our five favorite coupon and rewards apps for Android users. With one of them, you can even earn points towards rewards just by walking into the store, awesome for those trying to get their daily steps in. Basically, these apps are a win-win for everybody, whether you find yourself purchasing a lot, or sticking to your weekly grocery run.


With so many opportunities for rewards, Shopkick is one of our favorite rewards apps. Whatever places are your personal go-to for shopping, you’ll be able to rack up points (or in this case, called “kicks”), and eventually spend those “kicks” on gift cards. The best part? The Shopkick app will tell you which stores around you are offering the best deals, every single day. So if you want fantastic rewards and great savings, Shopkick won’t let you down.

So how does Shopkick work? Well, as aforementioned, you can chart out your stores beforehand for the best deals, or you can just run an errand you need to make. In the store, you’ll simply open your Shopkick app, and once it connects, you’ll receive “kicks” for just entering. You’ll receive more as you shop and scan receipts as well. Another cool feature is that they’re adding new gift cards all the time to popular stores, so your rewards don’t have to go to random gift cards you know you’ll never use. Easy and efficient, download Shopkick for one of the best ways to earn rewards while shopping.

Download it now: Google Play


A coupon that will save you money on something you actually want to buy, Groupon is awesome if you’re looking for deals in your area. Whether it’s department stores or restaurants, the spa or a much needed vacation, Groupon has new coupons available for purchase all the time. So before you go and buy something or even choose your next vacation spot, check out your Groupon app for the best possible deal.

With the Groupon app, you’ll be able to look at coupons for just about any location. But instead of your typical free coupon that deducts some percentage or dollar from your bill, you’ll actually purchase these, and yes, save money doing it. For example, let’s say there’s a Groupon available for your favorite ice cream place, priced at $15. By just paying that $15 though, you’ll actually get something akin to a $20 or $30 gift card to spend at that place. Each Groupon is different, so make sure to shop around a bit, but they’re extremely worth it if you’re looking to buy from a certain place anyway.

Download it now: Google Play


If you have a certain list of stores that you frequently shop at, but have a hard time finding discounts that actually help you, download RetailMeNot! With RetailMeNot, you’ll save a ton of money, that you can in turn spend on more of their awesome deals. If RetailMeNot isn’t the shopping-lover’s dream, I don’t know what is.

One of the great features in the RetailMeNot app is the “Savings Map.” On the Savings Map, you can see the deals available at all of your local stores and shops, and you can even choose to receive notifications for when a new deal has come to your area. This makes trying to decide when to shop at specific places a breeze, especially when you want to save money without spending all of your free time clipping coupons.

Download it now: Google Play


More of a rewards-holder rather than a rewards app itself, Stocard is a fantastic app that will keep you from having to fish out all of those old rewards cards you have accumulated from your favorite stores. While some places have gone digital and created their own apps, who has the storage space available for a ton of store apps?

Completely free, Stocard is a great new home for those worn out plastic cards. And instead of going through your wallet to try and find the specific card, they’re all displayed right on your phone for easy access at checkout, so the cashier can simply scan your card. And if you’re worried about a specific store not having phone-scanning capabilities, the number can also just be entered. Yes, the day has come—  you can finally say goodbye to those awkward “hold on while I search for my card” moments at checkout!

Download it now: Google Play


Specifically geared toward grocery shopping, iBotta is a rewards app that works. Basically, you just go grocery shopping, then scan your purchased food and receipts afterward. Yes, it’s that simple. And, it’s not like it will take you 8 years to actually get money back, either. After a couple months of regular grocery shopping and logging your items (if even that long), you’ll be able to claim a nice rebate for a little extra cash. Who doesn’t enjoy that?

In iBotta, there’s different ways to get extra cash as well, not just by shopping. If you tell your friends about how much you love iBotta and you get them to download it, make sure you give them your referral code. Not only will they get a $10 “welcome” bonus (just like you will when you join), but you’ll also get $5 added to your next rebate. An app you can trust, iBotta is a great way to make a little extra spending money just by buying groceries.

Download it now: Google Play


Whatever the app is that you’re looking for, whether it’s to just house all of those pesky store cards, to give you some great coupons, or to actually earn monetary rewards, this list is full of reliable, legitimate apps that have worked for so many people already. If you haven’t downloaded one (or several) of these yet, we highly recommend you do, even if you don’t do a ton of shopping.

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Brad is a tech enthusiast, writing and tinkering with all things technology since 2011. He currently bounces between the LG G3 and his beloved Moto X! His interests include reading, entrepreneurship, the gym, and of course, queso.

  • Hi Brad, Great tips for how to save some money. We also wanted to let your readers know about SavingStar – an app that helps shoppers earn cash back when they buy participating products at local grocery stores. At over 100 chains nationwide, shoppers can link deals to their store loyalty numbers and their cash back will be deposited into their SavingStar account automatically within a few days. For some stores, shoppers can submit a picture of their receipt. Payouts options include cash transferred to your bank account or gift cards. Thanks, Josh from SavingStar