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If you’ve been around for any length of time, it’s quite a possibility that at some point, you’ve somehow lost an important file or two. Maybe you were working on an essay for the past two hours and didn’t take the time to save it before your computer crashed, or maybe you weren’t writing anything, but you came home from work to find that your beloved laptop (where thousands of your family photos are stored) is completely toast. And yet another instance, maybe you needed to download something onto your phone quickly but you received an error that you didn’t have enough space: such are the difficulties that come even with our modern technology.

Thankfully, there’s a cure for those things: cloud-based storage. With cloud storage, you can have anything and everything backed up into a safe place that you can access from anywhere, not simply a single device or computer. Some you can even write those pesky essays in, and they’ll automatically save, whereas others will save your life by outsourcing files to make you more room. Whatever it is you’re looking for, here are our top 5 picks for the best cloud storage apps for Android:



Already a favorite for many, Dropbox is an extremely efficient (and awesome) cloud storage app, which was available on the web before apps even became a thing. Over the years, there’s no doubt that Dropbox has saved hundreds of thousands of files from potentially being lost otherwise. When you store your most important files in Dropbox, you can count on them still being there even when your computer breaks. Ah, the beauty of cloud storage.

In Dropbox, you can store just about anything. From photos to videos, audio clips, paperwork, and other important documentation, Dropbox stores it all in one place. With Dropbox being a “cloud,” all of your stuff is stored securely outside of your computer, so in that aforementioned unfortunate event, you won’t have lost anything important.

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Amazon Drive


A simple and effective way to keep all of your files secure, Amazon Drive is similar to Google Drive, but definitely another great cloud storage option. You can upload just about everything, and you can watch your videos and browse your photos right in the app. And if you’re working on a text document that you wanted to back up into Amazon Drive, but still want to make some edits on, no problem. You can go right into Amazon Drive and edit your uploaded document right in there.

With Amazon Drive, and with most (if not all) cloud storage apps, the cool thing is that all of your files, photos, videos, and papers are accessible from any device. So if you meant to grab your tablet on your way out the door, but forgot it, you can manage from your phone, not having to worry if it synced from your tablet, etc. Wherever you are, you can easily access all those important files with just about any device.

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Smart Cloud Storage


If you’ve ever felt the rush of panic that comes when you run out of storage space on your phone, then you need to download Smart Cloud Storage right away. For some of us, we only make the mistake of choosing the lower-storage phone once, and yet whether you chose one on the lower end or higher end in regards to storage, Smart Cloud Storage will save you a lot of hassle.

So what does Smart Cloud Storage do, exactly? Well, let’s say you’re in a meeting and need to download your presentation or another file ASAP, but you get a notification that you don’t have enough space left to do so. Without Smart Cloud Storage, this could be a disaster, but if you have it downloaded, the app will send or “outsource” some old files to make room for your new ones. And you don’t even have to worry about them being deleted, because you can always go back and re-download those outsourced files later as needed.

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Google Drive


With your first 15GB free, Google Drive is an amazing cloud-based storage app for business and personal use alike. While you can keep detailed files, paperwork, photos, and videos for yourself, Google Drive is a great storage option that will actually help your whole team at work get on the same page as well. Instead of trying to figure out who downloaded what, you can store everything in this one easy, accessible place, share files with different modes (view only, edit, etc), and so much more.

Besides the awesome fact that Google Drive will keep all of your important information backed up for you, it has several other great features as well. On the go with your phone or tablet or even at your home computer, you can add comments to documents and presentations, go in and view all activity, and even resolve questions, enabling you to be the most efficient you’ve ever been.

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Just Cloud


Sometimes you just need a single app that can do what you’ve so far been trying to do with 10 different ones. Especially if you find yourself working or managing different things all through your devices, across all of these different apps, there’s no doubt Just Cloud will be a lifesaver for you, helping you simplify your processes so you can be less stressed, and have a lot more time to do what you love.

While Just Cloud has your standard cloud-based storage features, such as the ability to house your files like documents, photos, and more, you can also use the app for recording quick voice memos, listening to your music, and even jotting down notes or creating doodles. And the best part is, you can set Just Cloud up to automatically sync/backup your photos and everything so that as soon as they’re downloaded, they’ll go straight into the cloud for safekeeping.

Download it now: Google Play


The awesome thing about cloud-based storage apps is the fact that there’s so many different options that cater to different things, even though it all involves a cloud. So, whether you just need something small and low-fuss to solve one problem (like outsourcing your files), or something larger that backs up every little thing and doubles as a notepad, there’s something for everyone.

About the Author: Brad Ward

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  • What about Microsoft’s OneDrive?

    • Evan Adams

      Agreed. I’m moving off of cubby this month (log me in killed it) and one drive seems the best deal out there.

  • Ken hayes

    Can I put a vote in for pCloud. Having used many cloud storage products I find it to offer the features, speed and price point that suits me for both business and personal usage.