How to install APK files on your Android device

If you’ve used an Android device and frequented any Android publication before, you’ve probably heard the word APK at least once. Think of an APK as Windows’ executable files, except for Android. It’s a way to install an application on your Android device, and has proven to be extremely useful so that you can skip the line and get a new update faster or even download an unreleased app.

Hit the break to find out how you download an APK.


There are many ways to find an APK, with the most popular option being through APK Mirror. Downloading APK files can be risky business, as you don’t necessarily know what the file contains; however, APK Mirror is probably the safest destination for download an APK.


You can browse the site and download any APK you want. But, before we can install it, you’ll need to make sure that your phone has permission to install third-party apps. You can make sure this is checked under the “Security” tab within your Settings menu. Normally it’ll say allow third-party installations or install from unknown sources.


Once you’ve done that, you can head into your downloads folder or even the notification pane to start the install of your newly downloaded APK. If you can’t seem to find it, downloading a file manager off of the Play Store is a great way to locate these types of folders, as they give you quick and easy access to the default downloads folder. But, normally when you download something, you’ll see a complete notification in the notification pane. Simply tapping that notification should start the process, prompting you for permission to install.

And that’s all there is to it! It’s a simply and easy process, but also a neat way to install apps. As we mentioned earlier, being able to get advanced access to an update or unreleased app is always a fun time.

About the Author: Brad Ward

Brad is a tech enthusiast, writing and tinkering with all things technology since 2011. He currently bounces between the LG G3 and his beloved Moto X! His interests include reading, entrepreneurship, the gym, and of course, queso.

  • Whiplesh

    thank you! great info for a new-to-android person…
    or even anyone who just wants a little more from their phone.

  • iskanderrrrr

    could please show me step by step how to really install the apk files on android with pictures? i can’t seem to understand the process.


    • rayrrod

      I like you am also lost.

      1. Copy the APK file to your Android’s memory card and insert the card into your phone.1Q. I ask where/what folder to I copy the APK file to?I used the root ie Phonecard

      2. Download and install the Apps Installer application from the Android Market2Q. I download it and installs just fine.
      3. Once installed, the Apps Installer will display the APK files on the memory card.3Q. Mine does not SEE the APK file, It runs and gives me 4 options
      Installer, Backup, Uninstaller, Apps 2 SD

      4. Click and install your APK files.4Q. OOps now it sees one APK file
      Never mind.
      Do not know what happened.
      I installed it by emailing it to myself.

  • Karan

    I am getting error on my cmd “device offline”, whts the next step?

  • Chuang

    Is there a way to directly install .apk to your microSD memory card, instead of the mobile phone’s internal memory? By the way you could also download Astro from which is a free app and would allow you to easily install your own .apk to your mobile phone

  • bryant


    Thank you for this guide.

    I have another question though. My phone storage is just less than 200 MB. I have an SD card and I want to save all other files except for the configuration files (like OS files). I installed around 20 apps already. My phone is just 4 days old and phone storage is just around 100 mb now. Is there a way to set the phone to store everything on SD card?



  • mike

    i wanna know sumtin ! should the phone b connected?
    im writing the command but nothing happens?

  • jonboyo

    The easiest way->

    1.Download the app as an .apk online via PC and store on PC
    2.Install “My Phone Explorer” on your PC
    3.Attach mobile phone and transfer .apk from PC to mobiles sd card.
    (phone need usb debugging enabled in a settings menu).
    4.Download “Apps installer” from marketplace
    5.Install app from sd card to mobile.

  • Smumdax


    The thing is… where do you actually find those .apk files ?? Acessing the Android Market from my PC doesn’t give me direct link download, and other App gathering websites only give QR codes. Again no direct link.

    I’m still searching for this one answer.

  • Bryant

    Just include apk when you search. That’s a hassle though but it works. It’s hard to find the latest version though.

  • Smumdax

    @Bryant: Won’t this expose me to some potentially unstable applications? Or unofficial ones that access data I don’t want ? Or even worse… virus infected stuff ?

  • Bryant

    @Smumdax: Yes, it’s a bit risky but so I didn’t get those viruses or malware. There were few apps that were buggy and I removed them (1:20 ratio). Aside from being buggy, I didn’t liked them anyways so those were deleted. If you have a bigger phone storage and faster processor, you can install anti-virus on your phone. There are freeware. Since I don’t have an AV on my phone, I scan my phone’s SD Card from time to time. It’s tedious because I need a phone explorer app to view system/OS area too.

  • Michelle

    @bryant not sure if you can help me, but I got an email with a download link. Clicked on it and then had to change setting to accept third party apps. When I got out of settings, I can’t find where the apk file downloaded to. Is there a file it downloaded to, to open it?i have looked everywhere in settings and apps.

    Thank you!

  • Bryant

    @Michelle: I don’t know where the market files are downloaded. It must be the system area. Others would prompt and ask you where to save the file you’re downloading.

  • Verity

    I found some .apk files in /download on my SD card… I presume one can delete these files once one has installed the applications…

  • why am i finding it difficult to connect my office WIFI on my HTC Hero

  • kyle

    An easy way to do this is with freeware Android Injector.

  • beracah.emily


  • IndianaJonesWasADroid

    Best way I figure to get to the apk files once you have downloaded them is to get “ES File Explorer” from the android market. Install it and search for “.apk” minus the quotes. Takes a minute to scan all the folders on your sd card but very helpful. A great anti-virus (or two) and both are free are “AVG” and “Lookout Mobile Security” Both take up alot of room but well worth it if you are downloading non-market apps or are fearful of viruses on your android.


  • Mark Froble

    Android Injector fixed it for me!!! Thanks mate.

  • Shweta

    Hi when i type the adb command in cmd it gives me error sayin adb is not recognised as an internal or external command…wht should i do?

  • Orkhan

    my google nexus one updated to 2.3.3 version but i don`t know how to transfer apps which i download from internet to pc to phone who can help me with advise?

  • packy

    Hi am also unable to download any apps from android market. pls show me step by step video for how to install apps from android market on my HTC wildfire.

  • Nathan

    Warring, installing stuff from people you don’t know will expose you to stuff you wouldn’t necessarily like. Think of it this way. Would you hand you phone to some random stranger walking down the street, walk off with out it, and expect the stranger to give back your phone, after they’ve done who knows what to it? This is essentially what your doing, so only install stuff form reputable app inventors. Not to say everything on the market is form a reputable app inventor ether.

    This is for everyone having problems installing *.apk files.

    Theirs two ways of installing *.apk files. You pick 1 way of doing it, not both.
    1st method.
    Use a application from the market called “appInstaller” I personally installed the one by Gregory House, it shouldn’t matter which “appinstaller” you get, but I had luck with the one I mentioned.
    After you have the appinstaller installed you need to open the app, look for your *.apk files. They should be in a folder on your SD card called download. If you don’t have a folder called download, use a computer and search your SD card for “*.apk” with out the quotes. Once you know the location of the files you use the appinstaller you downloaded earlier to install the downloaded app. Your apps may be named “downloaded????.apk” so you have to select one and see that it is and if you want to install that application. Finish the install.

    method 2
    Installing using the android SDK.
    You will need to look up how to set your specific phone up for development use. Google “how to setup” phone brand x “for development android SDK” with out the quotes, and replacing “brand x” with your brand of phone. Example, I have a Nexus One, I’d search for,
    “how to set up nexus one for development android SDK”
    After you have read some of the results, you will “eventually” (meaning you may not be successful with the first result) come across the directions on how to set up your phone for development use. After you have followed the directions you found, you load up your *.apk file and install per the directions you found.
    Once you have you phone connected and setup. run in a command prompt. “adb list” or “list adb” with out quotes. It’s been a while since I’ve done this and forget what the command is exactly.
    If your phone is not listed, the driver you downloaded for connecting VA usb was ether not installed correctly, or you’ve missed a step. So start over. Reinstall the driver, search in google “how to setup your computer for Android SDK” or read the help files on their site.
    Good luck everyone.

  • Biznak

    How can you update the apps.!!!. they arnt shown under “my apps” in the android market, some require update before your able to use it and it takes you to android market to update. help pleaseeeee

  • how can approve my .apk file for the Android Phone?
    so plz give me suggest setup for approve my .apk file for an Android Phone.

  • dipak joshi

    please help me haw to instole android application
    what is apk and sdk my phone is asus m10. i can’t instoled any application fore android market

  • goldflake2k

    thanks for easy explanation. it works smoothly

  • very informatif post, thanks for sharing.
    I am an student in a collage in jakarta, want to learn more about android.

  • Thanks for a nice post

    Really helped me and saved lot of my time

  • vaibhav

    i have htc inspire 4g n whenever i try n install a .apk file i get this message “FOR SECURITY YOUR PHONE IS SET TO BLOCK INSTALLATION OF APPLICATIONS NOT OBTAINED FROM ANDROID MARKET”


  • ashish

    Vaibhav, you’ll need to go to Settings and then to Applications, in applications you should enable ‘Unknown Sources’ option, this should solve your problem.

  • The fact that you have to install APK in the first place is annoying, but I used the Android Injector and that was pretty straight forward.

  • JBK

    Just for some newbies like me… DONT try to find your apk file while having your phone connected on the pc!
    Disconnect so the SD can be mounted to the phone again!

  • jimmy

    Hey I’m having the same problem with the HTC inspire, I believe at&t removed the option to allow 3rd party apps on the inspire Idk why, you can try arguing with the tech support to send you an update to unlock that option

  • Android
  • Karo

    I’m trying to download apps, but it says it will delete contents on sd card, prevent phone from sleeping read system log files? IM LOST! Lol, delete all application cache data etc.. Is there anything i should be worried about?

  • Swamy

    I have Samsung Galaxy S n whenever i try n install a .apk file i get this message “FOR SECURITY YOUR PHONE IS SET TO BLOCK INSTALLATION OF APPLICATIONS NOT OBTAINED FROM ANDROID MARKET”


  • Swamy

    I have Samsung Galaxy S and how can I install some free applications from Android market.

  • jono

    @ Swamy,
    you need to.go to settings, then applications, then click the box which says something like “unknown sources ”
    Once you’ve done that it should work.

  • los importante..

  • Fernando

    I don’t have the “enable Unknown Sources” option. What do I do..HELP PLEASE!!

  • Matt J.


    What do you mean “you don’t have it”? How can it be absent? It is on every genuine Android phone, AFAIK. It should be under Settings>Applications>Unknown sources, starting from the Menu button/key.

  • Matt J.


    Some carriers, such as AT&T, gave the excuse of “security reasons” for disallowing installs from anywhere but Android Market. I have not looked at these phones myself, so I don’t know what they did with the “unknown sources” check box.

    You didn’t say what carrier your phone is on.

  • Fernando

    That makes sense! My HTC Inspire is on AT&T. So yea I’m out there wondering if can get that option or maybe an alternative solution.

  • i got galaxy mini..can galaxy mini install apk file to sd card..not in internal memory…im juz got 7mb free storage on my internal memory…helpp me buddy..

  • coady

    hey everyone, im trying to install tiger gba through downloading from pc then installing to phone. but when i click ‘install’ i get an error message saying ‘application not installed’. ive tried installing it through AppInstaller but no luck. anyone got any idea what to do or if im doing anything wrong? any help would be greatly appriciated. I WANT TO PLAY POKEMON!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyber


    Have you tried android injector??? It’s worked for some people. I don’t know if it’ll work for you.

  • krs

    i am getting parse program error whicle installing apk files through apk installer. pl. help.

  • coady

    Ill give it a try. Cheers pal

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  • Atiqur Rahman

    Will Android2.1 be upgradable???

    I know we can store apps on micro SD Cards ut can we install Apps on MICRO SD cards????

  • Atiqur Rahman

    Will Android2.1 be upgradable???

    I know we can store apps on micro SD Cards ut can we install Apps on MICRO SD cards????

    Is there any app for battery one????

  • here you can download games&apps apk files with pc or directly with your phone b))

  • Puspak

    I am not able to install updates from android market. While I am downloading the latest updates of any of the apps it is showing “unable to install on USB/SD card”. Please help.

  • i downloaded a file that is on .apk i want to view it and run it on eclipse for some project reference.. but i dont know how?? please help… can you please lend me the steps on how i can used the file .apk how can i open it? and used it on eclipse..? thank you

  • Ivan

    I need help launching/incorporating a language pack I downloaded on my Samsung 3g phone from the Market place. I see the app under Manage apps and under My apps but don’t seem to be able to start it. It’s called AnysoftKeyboard – Bulgarian Language Pack.
    Please help, I am new to Android and smart phones!
    Thank you.

    • Devin Dillard

      i need help on getting apps or games on my kyros

  • Md Sirajuddin

    I have installed Android SDK on to my laptop and configured with the eclipse by using the plugins… Now i started to create my first Android application … Now I am getting an Error like AVD (Android Virtual Device) cannot be created…….

    Please some one help me out.

  • Md Sirajuddin

    I have installed Android SDK on to my laptop and configured with the eclipse by using the plugins… Now i started to create my first Android application … Now I am getting an Error like AVD (Android Virtual Device) cannot be created…….

    Please some one help me out.

    • Riteshg537

      your android sdk is not properly installed…thats y you get this message…first install the sdk properly …

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  • Sam


    To be very honest I Have never relied on any tech support as far as Online is concern but today my thinking has changed.

    “I couldn’t find said application totally free”.

    I would really appreciate if you could fetch me these Application via mail.

    Or, would you be so nice to provide me the link for those players and make sure those app does not need any code/;registration/serial number, meaning therrby it should be freeware.

    I know you have that expertise and knowledge to go beyond and make impossible into possible.

    Expecting your prompt reply….



  • Sam


    It;s nice to read about you on this blog.

    I need ur support for Multimedia player including .AVI Player for
    Samsung GT S5670.

  • vp


    Just for some newbies like me… DONT try to find your apk file while having your phone connected on the pc!
    Disconnect so the SD can be mounted to the phone again!



  • Ed

    hi,can some1 pls help me out,iv got a galaxy w and its internal memory is like 2gb only.all the apk files after installed seems to b in somewhere else,(usb) ?? can all d files b installed in my sd card????

  • JoeKersl

    Mail the .apk file to yourself , open your mail from your phone and you can see the install button, click on it and you can install it.

    • Anonymous

      Worked like a Charm !!

      Mail the .apk file to yourself , open your mail from your phone and you can see the install button, click on it and you can install it. 

      • gapeach

        like, do this? .apk then mail it?

      • hcsbd

        uhh i doesnt work my phone says SD card is missing or not mounted…

      • adi

        Heyת , I tried doing this but I got warnning :
        ” There is a problem parsing the package ”
        Does anyone know what to do about that?

    • Anonymous

      Totally worked for me as well on the Nexus.

      • nani17ms

        i tried,but i cant.why?? they always say APPLICATION NOT INSTALLED.i cant install from android market unless i unmount my SD card or turn on USB storage.i cant do the same for apk files.So how do i install??

        • Autobot032

          This method worked for me as well. Email, install, done.

          • Tino

            thanks for sharing. that works for me too.

          • how to send it fo email ?

    • Tino

      Thanks for sharing, that works for me too!

  • haidar

    my phone is arc and i tried to setup the apk files i downloaded the my phone explorer but there is an error when i connect my phone to pc it says connection to phone can not be established !! what should i do ?

  • haidar

    i want to download youtube movies do we have app for that ?

    • Aruncskgunner

      tubemate is good…….it non market product

  • Vickshree007

    thanks for the info…

  • djb2210

    how do you get to the apk file so i can copy it to my sd card. I cannot find it help please.

  • Singhtamyrahul

    to good frd…thanku

  • Preetsngh147

    i m dont know…. kesa krta hai apk files memory card mai..

  • khangnl

    How to do this step on sony Arc S? “Also under “Settings,” select “SD Card” and “Phone Storage,” and finally enable “Disable Use for USB Storage”. Thank you!

    • open settings from the android sdk. mayb. im just downloading it

  • Charles Hopkinson

    Good article.  Thank You.
    I was able to install my own (very simple) app … using APK Manager and ASTRO.  These are both APPS which can be found on the Android Market (for FREE).

    ASTRO in particular is brilliant.  

    Thanks for the help with this article Chris.

    I just LOVE my Samsung Galaxy Nexus … it WAS worth the wait !!!

  • dimpledroid

    I installed a game that I downloaded from a torrent site (hungry shark). After downloading,  I just transferred the game folder from my computer to my android device. And then I used ASTRO file manager, browse for the folder that I transferred, and just long press at the file, there is already an option for the software installation. Success… But the thing that’s bothering me, the screen size/resolution doesn’t match my phone, it is smaller… Can anyone help me with this? Would appreciate it very much my fellow droiders…. :)

  • Guest

    There are some very peculiar comments on this thread, great guide thanks. 

  • Riteshg537

    I have installed Android SDK on to my laptop and configured with the eclipse by using the plugins… Now i started to create my first Android application … nw i want to use my application on my android phone…how can i do that..please explain…

  • Anish Banavliker

    Thank you Android

  • ragepwn

    are the apps downloaded from the internet updatable

  • Arun Yadav

    How i can install apk without download   any where like android market ??   

  • Samsoccer2000

    Will the “Elsse (TM) 4.3 Inch Internet Touchscreen Tablet with Built
    in WIFI”, have a moving screen, like an Apple Itouh, or will the screen urn out to be like a Barnes & Nobles nook?

  • vykunth

    thanks very much . sent for galaxy mini android 4.0.3 cyanogen mod 9

  • Sdasdasdasdasdasda

    fucking faggot

  • Vsvsdvsvs

    how do you get the  Apps Installer application ?

  • Asimpleman

    I did not need to download anything at all for my Samsung Admire to achieve market independence. I sent the apk files from my PC to my android’s downloads folder. After turning USB storage off, I simply went to my download folder and “touched” the apk files i wanted to install and that is all. To conclude, one’s device may already have all that it needs for such tasks.

    • Rob

      Samsung TAB 10.1, same as above

  • sudharshan sundar

    I have a sony xricsson xperia x10 mini pro whose android preinstalled home launcher is deleted and since my phone is rooted I can’t have the problem solved so anyone can help me by suggesting an application that installs apk files on your phone through a computer please i don’t need apps that transfers file but i want them to install apk files on the phone

  • Stephen

    Asimpleman’s solution worked perfiectly for me. All I had to do was also to “enable” NON market apps to be installed

  • Julius


    When I installed my app 2 apk files appeared on my phone. The other one is one of the class then the other one is the compilation of all the classes included in the project.

    Any ideas how to solve this issue?

  • Julius


    When I installed my app 2 apk files appeared on my phone. The other one is one of the class then the other one is the compilation of all the classes included in the project.

    Any ideas how to solve this issue?

  • Totallyfreecrap64

    excellent ! what an article ! i really liked it ! you Rocked Guy!

  • Ezarnur

    i cannot download any application because my market doesnt want to start downloading. i dont have any astro, file manager or some kind of file manager. how i want to install apk file.

  • zooxy


    i have an apk application on my sd card, it’s actually a frame work that i edited and my phone is offering to install it directly just by clicking on it
    is that risky in any way?? is a right procedure or it’s just gonna mess with my phone??
    plz reply thank you

    • guest

      If you know what the file is, then it’s completely safe to directly install it. This article is pretty old and probably outdated. Most 2.3 and 2.2 phones should be able to directly install .apk as long as you allow the installation of non market apps in the setting part. I have never had to do what this page listed before lol. It’s probably for older android versions. 

      • zooxy

        that was helpful thank you so much.
        i actually pulled the phone framework-res.apk with adb pull and edited a couple of pictures(made the status bar trasparent) and i pushed the apk in the sdcardis that considered safe??and thank you again

  • how to instal apk file i want cyanogen themes from android market?….i ve  rooted my phone

    • Hardcoredied153

      Use rom manager too install cyanogenmod its available through the rom downloader on the app. Depending on which version of cyanogen mod you want depends on your phone. I’m running cyanogenmod 9.0 with ICS on my Samsung nexus s and it works fabulous.

    • Hardcoredied153

      Use rom manager too install cyanogenmod its available through the rom downloader on the app. Depending on which version of cyanogen mod you want depends on your phone. I’m running cyanogenmod 9.0 with ICS on my Samsung nexus s and it works fabulous.

    • Hardcoredied153

      Also use clockwork recovery for the apk files which is available through from from manager. When you reboot with bootloader select recovery then install your apk files.

  • Valentine Bondar

    How do you instal the apk app without an SD card?

  • Prathapgangula

    am getting an error “APPLICATION NOT INSTALLED” on my mobile. plz can any one resolve it

  • Audirshakya

    hi i have no market n no explorer on my phone SE xperia x8 cant install anything help

  • qigong

    yup Asimpleman’s solution is the solution. Just needed to enable non market downloads. Simple indeed.

  • Default

    i have no SD card? am i stuffed?

    • DanielRM

      You just need to connect your device to the PC… and save it into the INTERNAL MEMORY. Than, if you don’t have it… you need a task manager as “ASTRO FILE MANAGER” (free from the Market)… open ASTRO and search the application that previously you copy into the device. Click on it and install it!

      • Fcpchop

         does it matter where in the internal memory you save it?

  • DanielRM


  • a what file?!

    How do I get a jar file to an apk file and then install it on my andriod?

  • Rock_jaz18

    It’s not working? How?

  • Indikul

    Thank you very much i just installed phone app on my Huawei  mediapad using your method. Thank you again

  • Anonymous

    I really need help. I uploaded my app to google play and it works perfectly. My problem is, I updated my splash screen and it says I have to update and resubmit my app but it only shows the on 
    Android developer console is the word ‘unpublish’ on the page. Google play is no help because they just continue to send scripted form letter reply’s which is bs. I simply want to update with new splash screen. I save it on the Android developer console but it still says unpublish. I try to download file after editing but it won’t let me upload saying I already have that app active. Please help, I know it’s something simple I’m doing wrong.

  • Despo

    Iphone version?????? Please??????

    • Asdf

      I don’t think you understand what an apk is.

    • JP

      Apk files are for android. Go to Apple’s forum for that.

  • Maneageorge

    with the apk can i instal the aplications without the memory card?

  • Ganda_keyhandno

    where can i see the command propmt?

  • Kartik

    very much thanks…it really worked..

  • Radukums26

    I’m geting the error ” ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file. ”

    Why ? what am i doing wrong ?

    • robert

      you need to set the location of your platform-tools folder by entering cd c: where ever you platform-tools is (like for me it’s c:Androidandroid-sdk_r18-windowsandroid-sdkplatform-tools) . for you it might be different.

    •  Write before command ”cd C:android-sdk-windowstools this is example

    • Babu Venkanna445

       clean or restart eclipse try two or three times  it will work

  • Squak9000

    I want to download this apk!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rohit Rocks1993

    it says : too many files specified;only takes APK file and verifier file

  • Hdrema

    I need to install mzbible.signed.apk in my android mobile how to do please help me

  • Irfan Yousaf

    Its really Amazing. Thanks alot.

  • Ypprada

    Hello very good information but I can think of a problem installing my apk, and I do not see the install button, someone could help me .. thanks …

  • Tsayyd

    i tried download a different app on my phone through this app and it told me it can not be downloaded. Some plz help me!!!!!!?????

    • 123

      well what you have to do is just fuck your phone and you done it will work.

    • ajay mandal

      Thank u very much sir realy nice step…….

  • thank you very much dude…..thanx a lot..

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  • Jay Andre

    That entire above explanation is way too involved. All you really have to do is a portion of step #3 where it says: Go to settings, then Application Settings, then enable Unknown Sources. Then go to your Google search and type in the URL address and download. That’s it. I almost lost a job thanks to Sprint. The company I work for uses a 3rd party app called Silent Dispatch. I was unable to download it and even though Sprint knows how to do it they will not and cannot tell you how to do it. After a lot of Googling I came across the above solution. I had no idea what I was looking for, but just kept searching by breaking down the URL and Googling it. Started with Silent Dispatch and then went to APK, and that was it. Sprint claims that downloading a 3rd party app  can violate the terms of service and/or place your phone in jeopardy. If I had not been tenacious enough to find a solution, I would’ve lost the job. And since this was the 1st job offer I’ve had in over a year of being unemployed, I felt that Sprint owed me some compensation. Well you know what that answer was. Anyway, hope this helps anyone who needs it. Sincerely Jay Andre 

    • Georgia Peach

      I have the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch and trying to download tracking software and have this .apk file that I need to get resolved & I am clueless. I also need the awesome drop and only get to the point of “waiting for drop” cause I need a pp template & an image file from the desktop to drag and drop to the phone. I can’t tell you how much help I need. I can’t find anyone to help and reading the info on this site, encourages me. I hope someone will help me. I am in the 30907 zip code aea. I’d be willing to pay someone and my email is

    • Salahoona


  • kittycat

    Or you can just email the apk file to yourself, download it to your phone and install. Voila!

    • othman

      what is the apk?

      • weck

        its an extension for all android’s install files

        • Jay

          It is a file extension like .exe in windows…

          • ea ragav

            no,we cant open or run it in windows

            • RT Radeee

              Right we can’t run it on windows becasue .apk is LIKE a windows file, but it isn’t one. Those files are meant to run on androids.

    • soulchild

      I can’t e-mail a 2gb file to myself!

  • wanna know

    cant i just download tye file to my sd and reboot my phone holding the pwr and home key then just install from the card like when i rooted my ph

  • Mohinder_elali

    You say copy the apk file to androids memory card. But where is the apk file? Where Can i get it?

    • SS

       it’s in bin dir. just install it via installation manager e.g. app installer..easy!!

      • Sabrina Citte

        How do i find this?

  • Wizkidtutsu

    hey..i downloaded appinstaller to install the apk files..but i get the error ‘there is a probem parsing the package’..could you please help me with it?

  • Kollector

    Another easy way : open a share to your folder containing the apk files and use ES File Explorer to connect to the share click on the APK file you want to install and stand back

  • andre

    I have samsung galaxy s3 but cant find how to change their application settings its not the same as ur explaining. please help me how can i change it.

    • george

      i was having the same problem. the thing you are looking for is under security settings…
      hope this helped.

  • bool


  • i did as you say in “Installing Applications With Android SDK”
    but it didn’t work, my main problem is that my current RUU has no Market app, i need to install google Play via SDK, it is the only way, i need help urgently.

  • Werner

    Dude, any latest versions of android you can just mail the file to gmail account or email account on your android device, and you can install your APK file straight from the mail lol.

  • helping hand

    just install astro file manager from email.. and install other apps from astro..
    much better and easier

  • chuky

    nice post it’s work for me!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S, and I was having trouble installing any apk I received by email.If you, however, download it from the website directly to your phone, then open it, and select “Package Installer” it installs perfectly. I did not have to install any additional applications to do so.

  • kyle d

    why use all of your data downloading apps? Download them much faster on your pc then shoot them over to your phone quickly with Android Injector. And I don’t mean copy the files to your phone then find them on your phone then install them with your phone. AI does all the work for you. Just drag and drop the apps (several at a time if you want) onto the program window and click “Install to device”. That’s it. And there’s a new version available as well that makes it even easier.

  • ManiacalDawn

    My issue: Allowed my brother to touch my phone after rooting and he, like a dumbass, deleted my downloaderui.apk file. Now I cannot download anything to my phone from the market. I found the apk file online and have transferred it to my SD card, but when I hit install it says ‘not installed’.
    What am I missing? I just want my market back and all was fine until he removed that downloader. Oh, and my navigation. The bastard.

  • Guest

    XBMC is a love of mine and tried to order a Rasperry Pi to run it on..but just managed to install it on my HTC Desire HD and now my life is complete.

  • Norm

    Do you have to put in on the SD card or can it be on the internal memory?

  • BG

    All you have to do is:
    1. get the apk file on your android device
    2. install AppInstall from funtrigger (google play)
    3. use AppInstall to install the apk, that you have copied on your Android device

    – the first time, AppInstall will Error, that your Android Device is not allowed to run Apps from unknown Sources and will send you to Settings.
    – in Settings you will find a checkbox to Accept Apps from unknown Sources, check it and run AppInstall again

    !!! Use at your own risk !!!

    • spanky

      thanks it worked!

      • causa

        I did this but it did not want to install… do you know any reason why not? it is weird. maybe because it doesnt allow me to downdate?

  • What is the NFO file with the APK file?

  • zZz

    i cant find step#3.. my phone is just a “china”(excuse to chinese’)samsung s2 phone and i cant see those settings you are talking about.. umm.. please help.. i really cant open apk files.. :(

  • ahm just a question…You need an internet to ur phone when installing the appliction? when u dont have internet in your phone and just transfer it to ur memory card..can it be ok?

  • sajidali143

    how can i install games in computer of aondroid by phone

  • freqnz

    i did install the app but the sounds r missing!! help!!

  • mahendran

    How to install in easy way

  • ea ragav

    if i download apk from pc & transfer it , it asks net?it net important?

  • Jamie

    After installing an .Apk, how does one go about obtaining an update for the app in the future?

    • dimpledroid

      I also have the same question. I haven’t updated any of my installed apk files. A bit worried about licenses and stuff. Can anyone give us an answer?

      • Nino Miletic

        You can’t update the apps, because there’s nothing to notify you of updates. The app itself is (usually) unaware of updates. The Store (Google Play) keeps track of that. You will have to manually update applications in the future! That are the drawbacks of installing APKs through “alternative” channels.

  • suprasex99

    installed it like it said but now im getting unable to connect to tomtom. try again later

  • Susie B

    Hate to sound so dumb….I know how to go into settings to install from source other than Google. But, not quite so sure about :
    ….whether my Galaxy S3 has to be rooted?
    ….Also I have a mac …. do I just email the .apk file to gmail account? ANY help you can provide will be MUCH appreciated.

    • gaurang2020

      No, your S3 doesn’t need to be rooted.
      Yes, just email your .apk file to your gmail account and the open it via your S3.

  • wesley

    Send the apk to yourself using gmail. Open attachment on gmail from phone. It will ask you if you want to install program. Make your choice. If you want updates you have two choices I recommend the first. Buy the app. 2. Find the updated app were you found the last one. Your welcome

    • Roy LeNeave II

      Finally, someone with some brains! It is amazing how complicated it can be made when there are much easier solutions! Work smarter, not harder and follow Wesley’s instructions above!

      • tutu

        But what if I want to install a 800 mb app, can we use gmail ?

        • Roy LeNeave II

          Upload the APK to Google Drive or Microsoft Skydrive. Use your phone to download the APK from the cloud. If you don’t see the file in your notification bar it will most likely be stored in your file system under the name of the App you used.

          • tutu

            thanks ! I will try that after this :D

    • rockclimbdotpro

      Genius. I forgot how to do that since 1998…Thanks

    • Troller123

      Thanks Damien Sandow! (“You’re Welcome”)

    • James Santos

      hello. i dloaded and app from my email and its not giving me an option if i want to install. i just dloads the app from my email and when the DL finishes, it says that i cannot open the file.

    • If you’re using gmail and your phone/tablet is connected to web just download apps through Play Store -_- Don’t be a broke ass, downloading paid apps through apk sucks

    • Pavan

      Thanks..this is the simplest way to install apk.

    • Shan

      This is simple and easy..thanks for tips

  • Angel Bicomong

    thanks pOh!!!

  • Haine

    I still don’t understand how to install apk? after i downloaded apk. i installed app installer. and it’s (apk file) already on my SD Card. but when i open my app installer, i can’t find that apk.

    • Haine

      OMG, i just tried again and it works. actually, the apk file that I installed before is a fake, it’s not apk file. Thank you so much. it’s really easy though.

  • LadyAngela Marie Trotter

    I did all this and its still not working…Its in my files on my phone, but it says, not installed. When I did it from the computer it said, unknown error. Im using snappea. What else should I do?

  • YoungBloodOzzy

    did all this but the file i downloaded still won`t open. screen goes black and after 10 sec it says that the file has stopped working. i have a samsung galaxy s4

    • Mari

      I have an android too , but i still dont understand how to instal. :(((((( first I tryed in Google Play , but coulnt download something proper:P. (SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH)

  • ndungu

    just send it to the SD and use Astro file manager to open it, just worked on my Xperia Sola. Easy as cake, (the apk file in Q is Swiftkey)

  • N00bin8tr

    Does this still work if you install the file on your android device?

    • Bluemosh

      Yes but you need to open it with ‘APK Installer’

  • Bluemosh

    You all need to install ‘APK Installer’ and once you have the apk file on your internal storage, you need to open it with the APK Inataller to install it and be able to update using google play.

    • Κ@§ђ!ƒ @ђм@đ ♐

      where I can find the file after copying ??? i did it with the help of Air Droid

      • Bluemosh

        Don’t copy it, go to the link to the download page and download it into your phone as a third party application.

        • Κ@§ђ!ƒ @ђм@đ ♐


      • noone

        airdroid upload places files in sd > airdroid > upload

  • Shyamal

    I have the apk file in my phone but not showing installation or downloaded file.

  • Shoaib Amin

    Hey I just downloaded N.O.V.A 3 on my s4 via torrent…… but the all the downloaded files doesn’t contain any apk file… there are two .obb file nd two .txt files and one file named as [APK +DATA] but when I try to open it nothing happens…. help plz tell me what to do. ..??

  • bira

    hey i downloaded kaspersky mobile security APK file how could i install it in my mobile
    phone i need ur help;;

  • Paradoxshadow Fox

    use the windows cmd right? because it says
    “‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command”

    • jerry

      You have to add the adb files to system path, just Google it cause I forgot how

    • Hubert

      while in CMD , type “cd ”
      now adb will be recognized

      • Hubert

        One more time ….
        while in cmd , ” cd path-to-your-android-tools ”

        now adb will be recognized

  • Khaled Nabieh

    100% THANKS

  • Alvie

    How do i get the app that I installed using App Installer to show on Google Play Store to get updates?

  • shakeel

    i am using huawei y300 andriod i am facing problem while download any app from google store. its doing download but not installing apps and it gets stuck after downloading any app at “installing…” if there is any setting problem then pls help to reset and resolve that problem..


    • Sarosh

      i faced this problem,,just restart your phone bro…i have the same one huawei y300.

  • amelia

    I don’t have a smartphone but I’m trying to install snapchat onto my kindle fire HD, I have the apk downloading app but I how to use it really. Help?

    • someone that hates you

      *but how do i use it

  • mufti

    I have a new tablet phone deny genius g5..I want to download TV portal app..I downloaded 1.0 and 1.1 version of TV portal but it didn’t install in my phone.. My android is 4.2 .. Can anyone help me to download this app at my phone?? Plzz thxxx

  • Gilbert Rodriguez Jr

    im trying install zombie age 2 mod apk, ive used apk install from google. found the apk on my note 3, hit install and it said app was not install. what am i doing? its cuz of the apk i downloaded? can anyone plz help……thanks

  • Ram Naresh

    i am purchased karbon smart A51+ model mobile i am facing problem in download of apk application and other apps also please i need help for solve my problem

  • dogsgambit


    I have a HTC Sensation that I’m playing with. It’s HTC Dev unlocked but hboot 1.29 so no s-off yet. Needed to install 4EXTRecoveryUpdater.apk, BUT it’s not my current phone>sim not active>cannot seem to install either 4EXT from Play OR file manager from Play, so I can’t install 4EXT by copying to SD card (from my PC) either.
    SOLUTION: follow your guide here>install via Android SDK> voila!!! . . . BRILLIANT 8D
    . . . wonder if ES File Explorer has .apk too, that I can install the same way . . . it does!!! HAH

  • Quevediana

    Thanks for the info, I was able to install amazon app store onto my kids azpen tablet and able to install games from there thank you so much

  • Lefiruj Bumz

    When i click/touch/open my or the APk file/s it says here “Unable to find application to permform this action” . Any ideas ?

  • Mark

    Hello so I recently created a flash application, and exported it as apk to be able to open it in my android tab. The presentation is a sort of a catalogue about our company, everything works well, the images and the buttons except the videos. I’m unable to play the videos in the app. I will very happy if someone can help me find a solution to my problem, thank you very much.

  • Arshit

    Sir i have mistakenly deleted a lot of apk files recently n now when i try to download any game from play store it gets downloaded but it does not get installed and shows error message that insufficient space but when i checked my storage space it was far more than the space required by the app i tried everything i deleted two three big apps n some old photos n songs even i restarted my mobile so many times changed storage location but then olso ut is showing the same error message of insufficient space available please hhelp me sir.

  • chulookin

    No way am i going to risk wrecking my phone on this, there has to be a simple way to download this with no mumble jumbo…

  • kelvin

    I have a challenge installing applications on my Sony XBO v3+ android phone with android 5.1 OS. When I try installing any apk file ,it says an error occurred parcing package.
    I have restarted the device,and also reset to factory mode but the same problem persists …….Pls kindly help

    • Kat and Opal’s Channel

      Maybe there’s a bug or virus? Or it’s just a fake apk. I once had to download this app but it was apk so I tried downloading it but it didn’t work after millions of try’s so probably a fake

  • Tanveer Dogar

    how i can download apk

  • shubham gupta

    After installing ,open button is disable .what should i do?

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  • Frank Melika

    When I do factory setting, all APK that I installed them be deleted, how can I keep the APK installed on the box without deleting when do factory setting or update system?

  • LindaB

    One of my favourite games is no longer available on Facebook, but I did locate an apk download for it. I’m leery to install it though.

    I turned off the unknown sources, and when I clicked on the apk file the preamble to installation said that it needs to access the stuff in the image attached. It seemed a whole lot intrusive and weird that it needed access to my SD card to delete contents.

    I was told that it’s the full game and that it works fine and to not bother connecting to Facebook since the servers for that are down.

    I’m not familiar with apk files, so I’m not sure about what permissions are typical. These might be standard, but I’ve never seen them worded like this when installing something from Google Play.

    Could someone give me an idea of why this file needs this level of access to my phone? Is it because it is meant to access Facebook, which is online, but since this game is no longer on Facebook, it can only be played stand alone on the phone?

  • Maryann Barone Hallatt

    When I click to install it says deep scanning for threats then nothing happens it just stops. My husband installed same app on his phone no problem. I enabled unknown sources.

  • Balinda

    Just got to know wats going on with my partner.

  • Nice post

  • The Voice of the People

    when I go to to install APK I get “couldn’t install because certificate couldn’t be read” I have scoured my settings and can’t find the sources of the error

    • PK that I installed them be deleted, how can I keep the APK installed on the box without deleting when do factory setting or update system?

  • alexpinca

    I have a tablet that I’ve been trying to get some kind of play store because “Market” is not working. If google is so damn concerned about downloading bad APk’s why do they deliberately block access to reputable sites. Could it be they don’t like the competition.

  • We Suggest Uptodown as a best alternative for downloading APK Files.