How to permanently delete pictures and videos from Google Photos

You have your reasons as to why a picture or video needs to be deleted. We don’t judge, and we probably shouldn’t know everything you snap and record in life. But we can help you throw away things you don’t want anymore. Google Photos is a brilliant cloud storage solution for pictures and videos, but you may not know that deleting them isn’t quite as seamless. There’s an extra step involved if you really want to avoid a specific picture or video from appearing again.

Today we’re helping you permanently delete pictures and videos from Google Photos.

1. Open Google Photos, or download the app from the Play Store if you don’t already have it. The app should automatically give you a grid of pictures and videos on your device.

2. Look at the pictures and videos in the grid. Is there anything you want to get rid of? Long-press the first one, and then just tap each one thereafter. Google Photos will highlight the selected content. Once you’ve selected which pictures and videos are no longer wanted, you can hit the trash can icon at the top right of the app. It’ll move the selected items to the trash; however, they’re not completely gone just yet.

3. Swipe from the left side to expose the slideout menu. Choose Trash.

4. Now you’re seeing everything you’ve deleted (or though you deleted) from Google Photos in the last 60 days. Because you may have regrets, Google doesn’t immediately dispose of pictures and videos that were originally intended to be disposed. So you have the opportunity to either perform last-minute reversals or delete permanently. And you can choose to get rid of everything at once rather than picking out specific items. For those of you who want to go scorched earth mode, just hit the dropdown icon at the top right and choose “Empty trash.” Continue reading if you’re not ready to let go of everything right now.

5. If you want to get rid of just one item at a time or at least pick and choose, you can long-press the first one and tap each thereafter. It’s the same style as Step 2. The difference, though, is that this trash can icon makes things permanent. After you hit it, Google Photos will display a confirmation message. Hit “Delete” and the content is gone forever.

If you have any questions about Google Photos, just let us know in the comments section.

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    On my Samsung galaxy note n7000 didn’t work, already and turn off sync photos on google+ clean data still available on my gallery please help me

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    Why not just long press on Picasa and select “remove online server”? Much quicker. HTC One X

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      Try to delete from file manager

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    You have to click on your email address (above Privacy, not seen on your screenshot), and then you’ll find the option to uncheck “sync google picasa web albums”.

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    • Erika Hoffman

      Make sure you go into your Gallery settings and uncheck all the sync with your gmail account, picasa, etc. options that apply to you and not just one of those. That solved the same problem for me.

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  • Dirty Shirt

    What your trying to do is delete stock photos in your profile album.

    You have to log into the google plus website and delete the photos and albums there then when google syncs your phone the pics and albums are gone. Took me 3 hours to figure it out. All the above info does is clear them temporary till google and the phone sync.

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      just the synced ones.

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    THANK YOU so much! I have a random 6 year old Picasa album that I just could not get rid of on my phone. Ever after I deleted the pics from Picasa. Go figure. This worked like a charm. If you follow the instructions to a T, this will only delete the Picasa albums, not what’s in the camera. Awesome.

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      You probably didn’t turn off your Google+ Photos and Picasa Web Album Sync in your accounts and sync section of your google account…

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    Please add suggestions re lack of sync photos on Samsung’s GS4-
    Thanks, this helped a lot.

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    When I click clear data, something pops up and says “all of this application’s data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files, settings, accounts, databases etc.” What do I do?

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      Hit yes. It will only delete the auto backup album and not your pictures that you placed on your device.

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    • Knoi Cagny

      Nothing happens to the pix on your gallery if you discontinue Google+. I discontinued mine and the pix are still in my gallery. Just follow the advice on this page. But then, of course, mine’s Nexus 7 2gen. I don’t speak for other devices.

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    For some reason the gallery does not appear under the application manager. I have tried clearing the data and cache from google + and it doesn’t do anything Please help

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      I didn’t see my gallery under downloaded in application manager. But you need to change tabs to all and go down to apps starting with G and it should be the first one. Hope this helps!

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    Steve Jobs was right, Google’s mantra of “Don’t Be Evil” is BULLSHITE’! I don’t trust Picasa ,Hangouts, Google+, Photos, or GOOGLE for that matter.

    G+ IS the most INVASIVE, Privacy destroying, EVIL applications Google has Forced upon Android and us users. I honestly think that requiring a G+ account to leave reviews on OUR PAID APPS in the Playstore is illegal. I am constantly enabling and deleting G+ as needed. As an example I needed to logon to Motorola and guess what.. G+ account was needed. How horrible and desperate Google is for our data.. I wish a QUICK-PAINFUL-DEATH to G+…

    Sincerely a VERY FRUSTRATED customer..

    • Stephen Goodwin

      so don’t use it? go get a different OS then? Android is owned by Google. Why shouldn’t they require you to use their services to use their ecosystem.

      Also, Motorola is owned by Google as well.

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    I sync my photos on my Galaxy with Google+. Lost my phone and now I can not get to my pictures on my google account. I am totally lost with understanding how this crap works.

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      Just go into your G+ app and on the menu in the top left corner, you should see an option for photos… Your auto backup pictures should appear there.

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      it would all depend on where the pictures are saved/stored. You can save them either to the internal memory (on the phone itself) or on the external storage (sd card). if you store them on your internal memory, the pictures would remain on the old phone unless they were synced to a cloud service such as Google+.

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      This doesn’t stop your phone from backing up your photos to Google+/Picasa, it stops those photos from appearing in your gallery app on the phone.
      Also, I use Dropbox instead of Google+ to back up my photos, so there’s no need for both.
      Also, some people might have a problem with storing their photos on Google’s servers for privacy reasons.

      • baldwad

        You say it doesn’t stop your phone from backing up photos to Google+, but when trying to turn on Auto Backup on a Galaxy 4, it says: “Turn sync on? To back up your photos, you must turn on Google+ Photos sync for (email address) in Android Settings”. Not ow (or) Turn sync on

  • DAWNthony Bennett

    I had taken some pictures and they automatically backed up on Google plus, I took off the sync for photos and google plus, will that fix my issue?

    • Stephen Goodwin

      you have to go into your “accounts and sync” and turn off the sync with your associated Google account. Then, you have to go into the apps processes and clear data on your Gallery. It has screenshots, works as intended!

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          It won’t delete your photos. What it deletes, is the information IN the Gallery app regarding the pictures to form the albums. This has nothing to do with the photos themselves.
          It’s like an address book for the photos. Deleting it doesn’t change the photos. It just makes the Gallery to forget where they are until it checks again.

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    • Paige Bvb Wheeler

      Be sure to be in ‘all’ apps, not just downloaded. Since Gallery came on your phone it won’t show up in the downloaded section.

    • Jasmine

      Do you see next to it is running, then all? Click on all and you will find it

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    Wow and Google is now working on some type of the acceleration program we need to put on the brakes slow down and make what’s already there work make it simple make it easy never do that ever free technology still to this day a cell phone is not as good as a landline when it comes to you’re not a person we can even do that yet and here I can’t even simply delete one picture I have to go to all those steps that’s ridiculous I’m old school man technology common sensepeople make cell phones computers apps whatever anything to do electronics make it good simple before you put it on the market make you all mighty dollar I get itand don’t name something like cookies that goes with milk right when they said you gotta check your cookies I am on my computer I’m going to what the hell you talking about name is something else okay guys that’s b******* from computer idiot named the memory part of it cookies who the hell agreedwith him.I gotta go no need me waste my time put this down because I can’t do anything about it because everybodys addicted due to their computer cell phone or whatever electronic they got not me you won’t see me karen a cell phone when I go to go to the beach

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      Take a deep breath “IronWorker”… There we go… Now, have you hit your head lately? Taken any bad falls? Do you work with noxious or dangerous chemicals? Any history of schizophrenia in your family? Do you do many drugs, maybe stimulants? Have you been drinking a lot of coffee with your speed? Have you EVER HEARD OF A PERIOD? IT ENDS SENTENCES, USUALLY AFTER A COMPLETE, AND HOPEFULLY COHERENT, THOUGHT. WHO TAUGHT YOU HOW TO SPELL? DO YOU HEAR VOICES?

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      Samsung Galaxy note 3. I HATE Picasso

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      Yes you do. While in the application manager, flick the screen over twice to get to the heading “all” which will give you an alphabetical list of everything running on your phone. Scroll down to gallery, continue with this tutorial. :)

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      when you go to application manager scroll to the right until you see all and scroll down you will see it

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    • Relax. No one can view/access those photos until or unless *you* change their privacy settings to public. It’s only a backup mechanism, and you can stop that any time you want.

      • frustrated

        Bullfeathers …. how do you think that all the Hollywood Celeb sex pics were stolen? Once ANYTHING is out on someone else’s servers it is fair game for any hacker in the world to go get … including the NSA and every other government agency FROM ANY GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD (and of course EVERY attorney under the sun if you ever get into any litigation, such as a nasty “divorce”)

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      I’m with u on thaaat one. I had a Google plus acct, which I was really enjoying btw. Recently, Google plus deleted my acct because I chose NOT to open a Pisca acct AND SYCHRONIZE BOTH ACCTS TOGETHER. Wth…I def refused, because I would haaaate to see alllllll my private pics viewed in Google plus or anywhere for that matter. Google is too dam controlling & sneeky, I rather noooot have a Google plus acct now :( They need to stop doing that crazy stuff….do not FORCE us!

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    If even this doesn’t help, disable Picasa :P

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    • lxz

      You have to swipe to the right to see ALL apps. The first view only shows RUNNING apps. I was stuck at this point too. Then another helpful comment below pointed me in the right direction. Now I’ve got rid off the pesky Picasa album. Thank you, thank you all for the help. The Picasa album was driving me nuts.

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    * controls,
    * general.*

    i open
    * settings >>
    * General >>
    * accounts >>
    * Google

    Click my user name

    “sync google photos” as well as “Sync Picasa Web Albums.”

    Proceed to number 3 above :)

    your welcome future friend.

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    • Tia

      Go to your settings and then go to accounts, tap on google, and which ever email account your pics are coming and going from you can tap on the photo sync and unsync it, which will stop the pics from going to your google+ and after you do that you will need to go into your applications manager and find your gallery and clear data so that you won’t have that annoying auto backup folder of pics..Hope this helps!!

      • lance

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    P.S. I still DO want Auto Backup – I just don’t want individual photos from getting there (that’s why I want to delete)…

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  • محمد الداودي


    • 5. If you want to get rid of just one item at a time or at least pick and choose, you can long-press the first one and tap each thereafter. It’s the same style as Step 2. The difference, though, is that this trash can icon makes things permanent. After you hit it, Google Photos will display a confirmation message. Hit “Delete” and the content is gone forever.

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    • Taylor Morgan

      This is pretty disturbing.
      My mother has accidentally synced all her photos to a shared EXTENDED family account for sharing photos of the clan. Everything. Including photos that get automatically saved the iPhone camera roll from whats app.

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    Ssamsung Android phone members follow the below steps:
    Settings->Accounts and Sync->Click on gmail account refresh icon->de-sselect the required check box like->Sync picasa Web Albums-> Click on Sync now button
    It will work perfectly:)…do not worry..Please try in this way

    • fed up with Samsungs

      That doesn’t work. I wish you could see my Samsung Admire screen. It has several things to sync under my gmail account and a refresh button and that’s all. At the bottom of the list of 6 things it says remove account but when I hit it, it said are you sure you want to remove this account? No, I want to remove the google picassa pics from my phone and for it to stop updating my phone with them every time I plug it into my computer .:/

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    • AVB2

      You need to clear the data and cache in the Gallery app. Settings>Applications>Application Manager>right to All>Gallery

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      If you have sync turned off, it won’t give you the option to check or uncheck anything. Turn on sync in your settings and the check boxes will appear.

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    • Raven

      As the person says above, your pictures are a part of your phone and your downloads too. You can delete them off of your phone any time, the steps above are for removing Picasa Album features from your phone. On a side note, I remember reading somewhere the Picasa pictures are still stored in your cloud it just won’t be on the phone. Try it out, follow the directions above, don’t detour to some other options or you might find yourself in trouble. If you still are uncertain, just call your mobile/cell carrier (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc.,), where you will be transferred to Tech Support and they can either “Remote Access” your cell phone and do it for you or manually talk you through the steps. I’ve done this before, you see! lol Good luck, hun!

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    • Postette

      George…I just had to do this to and had the same problem as you at first. I then noticed that, just underneath the Application Manager heading, were the words “DOWNLOADED” , then “SD CARD” to the right. If you swipe your phone to the left, you can keep going until the word under Application Manager says “ALL.” I finally found gallery under there, cleared the data, and this worked like a charm.

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  • Help! there’s no “Google” under the Accounts subheader. in my setting..

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  • Oloyede

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  • Tilena

    I’m done all these things 2times now in 2 months and my picasa albums(4 annoying ones) are still showing so now what do I do?

  • Jsøtnaant Whoaond

    Didn’t work with my phone – I don’t have those options. So FRIGGIN annoying.

  • Bisher Alloush

    so accurate

  • Bisher Alloush

    worked perfect on my note 4 5.0

  • gary

    Im having trouble in deleting some photos from my s5 which in turn is filling up my memeroy

    • Jenn

      I just figured it out. Go to apps or Google folder open up Picasa tap n hold a photo u want deletedon’t and then rap rest a white check mark will appear..after all are selected that you want to delete tap trash can at bottom and ok after the warning message apear voila all gone!!! Then go and clear up the sync account stuff so it doesn’t happen again. And keep galley separate from Picasa as shown above, I first hid them from album by selecting only sync device and drop box.. not Picasa or google!!! I’m so happy now!!

  • Insomnislack

    Oh my god, thank you you beautiful being. I had to use some very choice words to find this page in my search and it was was the only solution that worked. THANK YOU

  • Terri Jerome

    How do i remove alot of photos from gallery without doing it one at a time

    • Jenn

      Hold tap first picture then after ones selected Tap rest as usual

      • Taylor Morgan

        That’s still one at a time. Obviously we want a “delete all” or “select all” and delete feature like in email.

  • Luc

    Help, there’s no ‘Clear Data’ button on Galery on my phone! What do I do?

    • Jenn

      Mine took a few minutes to appear.. but that only hides from gallery not deletes photos!

    • dbaker27

      Did you get to it from the Settings…. Application Manager – ALL, or did you open the Gallery app from the icon and look for a menu button there?

  • Paul Ottersen

    Thanks! thanks to your step-by-step instructions I finally managed to delete the photographs off my tablet.

  • Valkay

    Thank you so much,solved an annoying problem, so please.

  • Kayla Doyle


  • Roo Man

    ….made no difference on my s4

  • Eighties_Baby

    This didn’t give me the answer I was looking for. All it did was tell me how to save my Picasa albums on my google+. That’s not what I’m interested in. I’m interested in figuring out how to DELETE certain pics from my google+/picasa albums & tablet PERMANENTLY. I just simply want to DELETE some pictures. Does anyone know the answer to that?

    • Emily

      Wonder why you’re the only one who seem to didn’t get it.

      • dbaker27

        There are a lot of people who don’t find it. It’s not particularly easy.

    • Jenn

      I have seen problem I don’t want to just hide photos but Delete from Picasa ughhh

  • Hitesh Jethwani

    Thanx alot finaly i delet it

  • kim

    My husband who thinks that we are the richest ppl on earth told me-no, demanded that I call tmob and order either a picture card or a new phone, I just wanna thank you from the bottom of my for helping lil ol me fix and repair my own phone my own self. At my age I dont profess to know everything, but I sure as heck know how to ask. Thank you again.

  • Darwin Lumosbog

    Thanks. It worked.

  • Stephanie Olson

    Thank you! This worked perfectly.I had to go to “all” in my application settings rather than “downloaded” to find my gallery, but still found it and the pics are deleted. Thanks.

    • Jenn

      Mine was u Der “all applications ” because I didn’t download it.. it was pre-installed

    • dbaker27

      I, also, was fooled for a while, looking under Downloaded apps.
      In case anyone still misses it: Select the “All”, then you find the Gallery.

      The thing that sticks in my throat is that so very many people have the same issue. Why doesn’t Google make it more clear and easier, in fact why don’t they tell us what’s going to happen if we let the default happen, or better yet, have no default, and explain it very clearly at the front end. Likewise Picassa.

      I had my S2 since they first came out and take a lot of pictures. I had a heck of a lot of albums. Comes my last gripe, bet some of you have this, too: Picassa only lets you delete albums one at a time, no matter how many you find out you have…

  • Jenn

    I don’t want to just hide photos but Delete from Picasa PLEASE HELP me..
    this did help just not the delete from Picasa. . Everything always was ending up on every device I linked my Google account too.. some VERY PRIVATE..

  • cami

    I’m asking about the black folder of pictures that Picasso went on its own and did I don’t know what. I have over 1000 pictures that are black now. I’m angry at google+ for not saying permently photos would be gone till after. So nothing on my phone is mine. It’s google. And that really upsets me. i want my photos back. I want to get em printed. I promise I will never do anything with google anything because of this ness. Any ideas how to get them back?

  • cami

    I guess.I should say this is less than month old phone samsung galaxy avant (??) V 4. 4.2 don’t really know what I have… manes numbers. I know it’s working worse then a dollar general topup. Inlm frustrated with all the duplicate programs. Ex: 4 contact lists, 3 texts lists, 4 different miscrophones, Knox stuff??? All kind of wifi nirroring, beaming filrs, 2 calanders, 2 calculatores, 4 possible emails? My contacts list is a mess since switchiver, I mean there’s over 20000+ files and god forbid I delete any cause samsung get me, galaxy get me and google will of the ones I know on phone. All the programs have triplicate in size if not nore. I’ve added external sd. Have 18 gb to work on phone and stulill ram is swamped 800 gb to 399 gb for it to process. I’d like to play a game, do something fyn. Instead I’m in learning mode always trying to figure out how to get rid of the garbage. Oh it tells me I’m rootr, then I’m not I could go on. I’ve sent emails to all involved to give me answer, so far none. Is there anyway to make this a fun phone. I dont qork, no business stuff. I’m a stay at home that wants to have fun with my phone. Heck I can’t hear it ring a ft away. That’s 1st on pet peeve list. I’ve normal hearing but I can’t hear alarn, nots. Or phone calls. Forget when someone talks to me on speaker phone I have to turn phone around so the speaker is by my ear. Just doesn’t seem right for modem,smartcard fancy pace phone. Done sorry I went on so long.

  • Miranda Canvis

    thank you so much i had embarrassing photos and couldn’t delete them

  • Erica Hope

    I’m really scared about doing this because I have tons of pictures that aren’t Picasa and I don’t want to lose them. Are you sure I won’t lose all of my pictures that aren’t Picasa?

    • Chay

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  • Sarah Sayo

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  • Chay

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  • Gubs

    “clear data.” will it delete all pictures on the phone & memory card?

    • Andrew Cordova-Andrews

      No. Nothing gets deleted, you are simply clearing the application’s cache and app data

  • Pammie

    I am a little late to the party but I tried his process but ended up with Auto Backup Album. This may have happened prior to the change because I have been having a few problems lately. I have a replacement for my S3 which was hacked a couple weeks ago; lost so pics, text messages and all contacts. I was locked out of my phone and had to have techs to a hard reset, apparently he could not retrieve contacts from folder. I get alerts every time I try to backup on this new phone that an IP in Houston, TX has tried to access my phone. Anyone know what that’s all about, I’ve gotten no help from Google?

  • RN Singh

    how to remove photographs from google+ image, which were shared earlier and are still visible to all, though i have deleted my google plus account

  • Sarah

    I’m not able to delete any of the pics in my picasa album. When I click delete and then select the photos I want to delete, it says unsupported file. I haven’t tried sharing some of the ones I want to keep to my dropbox, but I just want some of them gone forever. Any suggestions? I’ve got a samsung galaxy s5.

  • Punkin

    Thank you so much this worked perfectly. I signed into my google account to set up my daughters phone and to set parental controls and all of my google backup downloaded. This worked great to remove the pictures.

  • Lorenzo Giccominato

    gallery doesn’t appear on my list under application manager

  • Lorenzo Giccominato

    I’ve tried it, the photos still appear in auto backup

  • Lorenzo Giccominato

    I’ts okay, I have gallery, sorry.

  • Lorenzo Giccominato

    Thanks, it works.

  • Thank you so much the instructions were clear and easy to execute.

  • LeRoy Dajao Querol

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  • LeRoy Dajao Querol

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  • Richelle Lamanna

    I do not have a gallery in my applications manager to clear data from. I have an s4..

    • Lester Noel Tran

      go to all apps i just clear it from my s4

      • StacyB

        That worked for me! None ofnthe other suggestions worked because I couldn’t find the Gallery under Application Manager. Found after reading your info, Lester. Thank you!

  • Jeff Franklin

    Once I have completed these steps will I still have my OWN PRIVATE access to my photos on my gallery and Google drive. I don’t want some of my scanned documents and photos public.Any info is greatly appreciated.

    • imdevu

      yes you will.. just not on the phone

  • Sue

    Thank you so much! I had been pulling my hair out as had even deleted my google+ account but my new device was still showing a photo in picasa I had been trying to delete. It was driving me mad!!!!!

    • Mike

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  • Diana

    If you try to delete them via Google Internet it will delete all your pics from your phone!!! So don’t do that. back up your pics and do a factory data reset if you have to start over like me.

  • MEH

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  • Minnie

    If you only don’t want to see it alls you have to do is click the side button that displays options in gallery and it says content to display and then it gives you options, picasa being one of them you can unchecked to display.

  • Danial KhanZada

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  • Meaghan

    This was not helpful at all. I still can’t delete my back up photos from my Samsung Galaxy S4. I guess I’m going to have to do a factory data reset! I’ve spent all week trying to delete pictures off of my phone after transferring them to my computer via microsd. Nothing works!

    • Lyle

      I can tell you a factory data reset does not work. I suggest that you download an app called ‘Tool for Google photo Picasa and that will guide you.

  • builderswife

    I don’t have an Android. I work on a desktop and can’t delete photos from an album. It has a delete button, I can highlight all the photos but they won’t come off. I don’t care about a phone app or trying to navigate them on my phone.

  • David

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  • Ferdianed Rivera

    After I do this will they be deleted forever?

  • Lawrence Gaillard

    You can first try this. Go to the playstore and download a app called ‘Tool for Google photo Picasa’ it’s free and it allowed me to delete my unwanted pics that my phone wouldn’t that I sent through Hangouts.

  • Sunny

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    Your information is very helpful.
    To be honest, it is the only piece on the web which could solve my problem.
    Thanks a Billion!

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    That doesn’t work for a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tablet.

  • Nia

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  • A K Mallick

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini and when I select Google in the accounts the Sync photos and the others that you have on the screenshots don’t appear to me and I don’t know what to do

    • Holly Louise

      same here. Hoping for guidance for later models of phones and Android OS.

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    • Desmond

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      Monday 03Rd October 2016 –A E D S T>20:22 H’rs:Mins Thanks In Anticipation Of Receiving An E:mail That Will Allow Flash Drive To Secure The Ancestral Images Since 1821

      >>Desmond Ayres >>——–

      • Prue Schmidt

        When you get this figured out please email me with the answer. I have the same problem, however I have a Samsung Note 3 and I need to get 2 years of photos back. Prue Schmidt

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  • Mengchiv

    I have galaxy mega 5.8 Gt19152 run 4.2.2 of android version. When I go to setting and choose google account i can’t see the checked box on the right as in the illustrate above. I cleaned data of Gallery app in setting and it delete the photo from picasa web but when i have new reminder in calendar i would sync to my gmail to sync to my other phone so i have turn on the sync and the pic of picasa show up again. So any idea to fix this ? Thank you in advance

  • Paul

    This above method to transfer SAamsung Galzay 5Note photos to Picas on PC DOESN’T WORK. Where do I go now?

  • Holly Louise

    I don’t understand this. I have Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Under Google in my settings there is no listing for Google photos or Picasa or web albums or anything like it. Good Photos appears as a separate Google app and is nowhere listed in settings. I have had Picasa for many years and haven’t removed it from my computer because it has features Google Photos does not seem to have, like facial recognition, collage making, etc. I also don’t want to lose the organization I’ve already put into my thousands of photos. I’d like to get rid of the extraneous applications anywhere I can, but have the above concerns. Note: My photos do all seem to be in Google Photos, sync’d to the web apparently automatically from my hard drive, no doubt at some point when I must have given permission for this when the original switch was made. At the time, I had no idea Picasa was being phased out. Hence I’m in this dilemma of having apparent duplicate systems. Appreciate any advice from anyone who’s successfully made it through this issue. Thanks.

  • Linda

    i had deleted some albums at picasa itself, how come deleted albums are there at my gallery when they are
    no longer there at my picasa?

  • Lew Hemmer

    I have Samsung Galaxy NOTE4. When I click on Application – on Manager, and then on Gallery, I get a Gallery window Version 1.0.60 (see attached screenshot). That window does not look at all like the photo in your posting. My Gallery window does not have the ‘Clear Data’ option.
    Any suggestions?

    • Michael Young

      that’s not google photos.

  • Romperto Strakosha

    my Name its romperto strakosa i want to say one big thank you for this amazing Information because i have one very importand Picture and i have find it thank you so much really

  • Michael Young

    everyone: if you have the gallery app, that is not google photos. google photos is cloud based, the gallery app is a skinned AOSP app
    google photos probably didn’t come with your phone if it came with kitkat or lower

  • Vera Clement

    I deleted 17g of photos to clear up storage space on my google account AND I emptied the trash. 2 days later google still claims I have the same storage overage!! This is so irritating because they have frozen my email account, which I need because I’m self-employed. Please help!

    • Julie Leininger Bozarth

      i don’t see any answers to your question. it’s the same one i have. so i guess we will get no help here. don’t know where else to go.

  • Mary Hodges


  • Julie Leininger Bozarth

    it says i am using 15.98 of my 16 GB. I feel like screaming. i have taken off web albums/google from my iphone. i have uninstalled picasa from my hard drive. i have uninstalled google+ autoback up and i have uninstalled absolutely everything i could find to uninstall. my pictures should be completely gone from google, right?! how can they still have them? what more can i do? i have restarted more than once, after uninstalling everything, and i still am told my photos are taking up all my space! i am paying apple for extra storage. i DO not want google to have anything to do with my pictures. i removed everything from picasa to flikr. so why isn’t all that space freed up now?! i am SO frustrated and cannot imagine anything left to do. i dread the thought of closing my whole gmail account, and never using chrome as a browser on my computer again, but it is looking like i’m going to be forced into just that.

  • Tracy

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  • paul

    I don’t want images in my mobile . So I backed up my images from my mobile to google photos and deleted my device copy , also from trash and also turned off the show google drive photos in mobile .but still I’m able to see images even though I turned off the sync too . Please help me.

    • Kapfatz

      Same problem with me , I don’t know what to do ease help

  • Memphis Layne

    Ok I’m getting really irritated. I know how to permanently delete photos from my picasa but what I want to know is how to disable it. I want Picasa to stop saving my photos. That’s what Verizon cloud is there. Everytime I take a screenshot or a simple pic, it goes straight to picasa but I don’t want that so how do I did that?

  • Sharon Potts Bacon

    I really really need to delete some photos from picasa on my Galaxy 5 phone!!! Please walk me through this. I’m challenged when it comes to all this stuff. Please HELP !

  • William Palmer

    Rather than deleting all the back up photos on my Samsung, what if I only want to remove from the phone those older than 2 years old? The “free up space” function only allows to delete all the photos that have been back up. William

  • Mary

    someone help me here, I went on the google photo app, and went to my hangouts albums and deleted ALL the photos. Then I went to my phone, and they are ALL still there, and the sync is turned off. I checked back on the PC and the pictures aren’t there, so I don’t understand how to get them off my phone gallery, it doesn’t give me the option to delete the hangout gallery photos.

  • Debbie D Montgomery

    I keep getting these cartoon stupid pictures coming on my phone the file says nothing but numbers on it pictures I’ve not took pictures I do not want I’ve got to go in there every day off and on all day deleting them and they still come back what do I turn off what do I get rid of to get them completely off my LG phone they’re going to my photo then to my camera then to my gallery driving me crazy

  • Kuldeep Chauhan

    Meri G+ pr Kuch Photos apne aap share ho gye hai or bo meri Id mai show nhi Hotey Hai unko dhek rha hu to bo picasa pics hai to plz mujhe btayo How i can delete them plzzz

  • Savannah Tate

    So when I go and try to delete my photos it says that I have to give access to Google photos so I give access to my sd but than says Google photos doesn’t have access to my sd card

  • Fatima Rubino

    If I delete all photos from google chrome, it will not be on my cell phone anymore?

  • Tucker

    Totally baffled about google photos. I take and edit/save tons of wonderful photos. I put them in google albums.
    But if I delete from the phone or the laptop via google photos, it’s deleted everywhere. Obv I don’t want things on my
    phone forever. Cant the albums I made remain and delete my phone photos other than just gallery deletion? Thx.

  • princess123

    I deleted photos this way from my phone, yet they still appeared when using my computer… Did the same thing on there, too, but not sure if they’ll end up popping up again.

  • Bea Cummins

    When you say “Long Press” exactly what does that mean?

    • phatmillips

      press and hold