How to back up your contacts with your Android phone

Normally there isn’t a major need to back up your contacts as long as they are synced with Gmail, but hey a backup of anything can’t be a bad thing. You never know what could happen down the line and if something does happen, taking a few minutes now might avoid any heartaches. Moon19th from our forums put together a really good post showing you how to do this. He details a simple export and utilizing another application called Moborobo.

As to Gmail syncing, I can’t believe how many phones I’ve seen from friends that aren’t even set to sync with Gmail. This mostly happens to people that are just getting a smartphone for the first time and the store moved their contacts over, but never went over how Gmail works. Verizon is notorious for this as they often set the contacts to only be backed up with their own Backup Assistant. So if you have any questions on if your contacts are being synced with Gmail, then Moon19th also shows you how to set that up.

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  • banjoonmyknee

    Step 1. Sign up for GMail.
    Step 2. Set up Google Synchronization with your GMail account on your Android.
    Step 3. Never ever use your phone to store your contacts ever again.

    • guest

      > Never ever use your phone to store your contacts ever again

      Waste massive amounts of your limited data plan… uploading and download countless phone numbers… over and over again.

      Do your number *REALLY* take up that much of your 16 GB????

      • banjoonmyknee

        Synching only moves items that have changed from phone to backing store and back, so the transfer beyond the first time is neglible. It’s text which is far smaller than things like video and images which do far more damage to your limited data plan.

        It isn’t a matter of taking up space. It’s a matter of eever having to worry about having more than one device in sync with the others.

  • Awais

    Hello, A very nice and informative article, I want to share my knowledge as well I am using Backup Caretaker that is another app for backup sms, mms, logs, contact, bookmarks, settings and alarms. It has free version as well that backup and restore things on local sd card where as it’s paid version have facility of scheduling backup and it stores data on servers. Do try that. Thank you

  • NicoleHayward

    It is always a good idea to have your device all backed up. Many apps are available at the moment on the play store. i have all my contacts synced on my gmail account but also i have an app that backs up mostly everything on my mobile. I used to have titanium but now i’m using G cloud since i have not rooted my phone yet . Thanks for starting this thread

  • angelo castro

    how to install flash player in tab2 10.1?

  • Steve

    I backed up my contacts to gmail / google and now I can’t find them?

  • Nebulus

    I don’t backup on gmail after PRISM

    • Hengki Linarto

      Totally agree … unless gmail make a statement that they do not involved in whatever PRISM is all about

  • Angrymob

    Be aware, backing up by the article’s method does NOT work with groups and several data items. It does a decent job overall, but not 100%.