Android L Developer Preview walkthrough


For the first time, Google released a new version of Android as a developer preview. Android L (or whatever they will call it) probably won’t get a final release until October, but if you own a Nexus 5 or a Nexus 7 (2013), you can give it a try now. As I am sure you have read elsewhere, it’s pretty buggy. The biggest problem is that so many apps won’t work with it so my advice is to stay away for now. Still, I know there are a lot of you that can’t handle not having the latest and greatest, so go for it if you insist.

Since the preview is only available to a couple of devices, the majority of you won’t be able to actually test it out so we put together this walkthrough showing you many of the new features. There’s still a lot more to come, but for now, you can check out Material Design as part of the new Dialer app, settings, battery saver, ripple effects, the lock screen notifications, Heads Up, the recent apps UI, and more. Hit the break for our hands on.

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

Robert lives in upstate New York where he was born and raised. Technology was always his passion. His first computer was a Radio Shack TRS80 Color that used a cassette tape to save programs, and his first laptop was a Toshiba T1200FB that sported a CGA greyscale screen and two 720kb floppy drives (no hardrive). From the early 90’s through late 2011, he only owned Motorola phones starting with the MircroTAC all the way through to the Droid X. He broke that streak when he bought the Galaxy Nexus. Now he's sporting a Galaxy Note 4, and absolutely loves it. He has a wonderful wife and a 6 year old son. In his free time he enjoys sports, movies, TV, working out, and trying to keep up with the rapid fast world of technology.

  • Mikael Svensson

    Is there anyone who have tried the new camera APi? That’s very interesting and if it works nice with good quality on image and hopefully videos from the nexus 5 a nexus will then be my choice I guess..