Will your device get CyanogenMod 9?

I’m sure many of you are wondering if CM9 will make it to your device. Rather than get bombarded with questions from everybody and their brother, the CyanogenMod team posted a chart that should give you the answer. All you have to do is follow the chart by answering the questions (starting at the top). Looking at the first question, if your device doesn’t have 512MB or more of RAM, than you are out of luck. This means original DROID owners won’t see CM9. Of course if you have 512MB or more of RAM, it doesn’t necessarily mean for sure that you will get it, you just have to continue on with the next question and so on.

Kudos to CyanogenMod for doing this. I wish other manufacturers would do something similar instead of constantly flip flopping with consumers on whether certain devices will receive major updates.

source: google+

  • Bob

    What does this meam for devices like the htc mytouch 4g slide? More then 512mb but no ics…

    • geolemon

       There’s a branch for that…
      Does it have a dedicated GPU? I would guess so, but google it…
      Does it share a chipset with a phone that is getting ICS?  I would guess so – it’s HTC – but google it.

      xda-developers might be a good place to search for this info, in the mytouch 4G forum.

  • Guest

    heh i already used cm9 for one day on my motorola defy. it’s pretty stable already. missing better hw acceleration support and it has less overclocking options though, so i decided to wait one more month before changing for good.

  • geolemon

    Just a general comment of support on Cyanogen…
    I had an HTC Magic (T-Mobile MyTouch 3G) riiiight up until I switched to Sprint and got a Galaxy SII.
    I was able to keep that guy alive and running smooth with cyanogen – CM6.  That phone had what, 192mb RAM? a 512mhz processor – and ran smoother with CM6 (Gingerbread – not far off from what my GSII runs) than it did with Android 1.5.
    These guys know what they are doing. 

    (CM7 was never available in “stable” form for my phone, and CM8 simply doesn’t exist for anyone, since that’s Honeycomb and ICS is the better option)

    Part of me wants to wait for the official ICS release for my phone (supposedly in the next month or six, depending on who you listen to), but that’s more out of curiousity, to see how touchwiz flavored ICS is – but I know I’ll ultimately end up running CM9 on this guy, so it may be more of a matter of who gets to the finish line first.

    • Anonymous

       That sucks you had issues with CM7…. I’m running it on my SGH-i777 (GS2 AT&T model) and it’s running like a champ. Real smooth, rarely any jitters, a pleasurable experience overall.

      • geolemon

        I never had problems with it, I never tried it.  CM6 was the last they were releasing in “stable” – CM7 was available in nightlies. 2.2 wasn’t bad though, and realistically they built in most of the stock 2.3 features into CM6 anyway…
        I’ll at some point be running CM9 on my GSII.  Not available yet though.