Another great Android love / anti-Apple tshirt

We already showed you one Android tshirt and decal that blatantly showed your distaste for a certain company. Well we were just sent this one as well. Unlike the first tshirt we showed you, this one is actually available for sale in the US. You can obviously see the inspiration here, I think it’s pretty clever. There’s even a womens version for all your lady Android-lovers out there.

Hit up the link below to grab one of these.


Thanks Joel for sending this in!

  • kj

    I still like the other shirt better,shame we can’t order it (yet) but I still might pick this 1 up

  • SirWally

    wacka wacka wacka … Awesome! … wacka wacka wacka

  • Scott Young

    LMAO @ SirWally