T-Mobile Stores Receiving White Galaxy S II Shipments, Available in Stores Starting Tomorrow

You remember how we told you back in December that T-Mobile would be carrying the white version of the Galaxy S II? Well if you do then you also remember that it was only to be available online. Personally I don’t like only having that option as I love being able to go down to my local carrier store to pick up and play with the device right away. If you feel the same way then you’re in luck. It’s looking like you’ll be able to do just that as it’s being reported that T-Mobile stores are receiving their shipments of the white S II inĀ preparation of going on sale starting tomorrow. It’s also reported that they will be the same price and carry the same specs as the original S II.

Like I said it will be available at T-Mobile stores starting tomorrow so get on down there to get one of the most popular Android phones to date. Also if you’re worried about being stuck with Gingerbread, don’t, because the S II should be getting Ice Cream Sandwich very soon which should make this device even more popular. Enjoy!

source: TmoNews

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