The CyanogenMod Team Says Goodbye to Andy, Wants You to Design Their New Logo

Andy as seen above on his skateboard has long been apart of the CyanogenMod ROM and Legacy. Many a boot ups have we seen this little guy roll in. Well the CM team is looking to say goodbye to this icon and move forward with a logo of their own. This is where you come in. They are putting it up to you to create their new logo as they are holding a contest for submitted artwork to be voted upon as the new face of CM ROMs here on out. Like they did with their Trebuchet launcher contest, any submitted art will be evaluated soley by the CyanogenMod development team, and will not be put to a public vote. If you are interested then read the following rules to enter.

  • All submissions should be original work. Submissions using the work of other entities will be deleted.
  • Since this is a new face for CyanogenMod, submitters are free to pursue other color palettes, beyond “cyan-blue”. However, we would love to have some of that color retained to reflect our history, and pay proper homage to Andy.
  • All entries should be submitted by March 9, 2012. The winner will be select by April 1st. 
  • Submissions may be in jpg or png, but the final selection will be required to be submitted in original vector sources.
  • Submitters may be contacted to request possible touch-up/rework.

Once you meet all the criteria your submission should be emailed to legal (at) cyanogenmod (dot) com with a subject line of “CM9 Logo.” If you are selected as the winner you will be notified prior to inclusion in the ROM and other related Community assets. You will receive proper credit for all your submitted artwork but all rights to that artwork will be transferred to CyanogenMod.

If that doesn’t deter you from entering this contest then I would suggest getting started because you have about 11 days to get your work submitted. Who knows, maybe your artwork will be the face of CyanogenMod ROMS to come, starting with CM9, because as they put it you have a chance of “creating the new face for the largest third party Android distribution in the world.” What an honor indeed!

source: CyanogenMod Team Google+

About the Author: Jack Holt

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