Keep track of the Gulf Disaster with Map the Spill

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest from what’s actually happening in the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster? If so then take a look at the Map the Spill app. It’s got quite an extensive list of features:

  • GPS-enabled: Map the Spill uses your phone’s built-in GPS. It’s designed to work even in areas without cellphone coverage.
  • Maps: View your location on street, satellite, terrain, topo, or aerial maps. Tip: Going to remote areas? Preview maps in the area you plan to visit before you leave the cell network or Wifi coverage. The app automatically stores maps on the phone so you can view them again in areas or seas without cell coverage.
  • Photos: Capture photos and see their exact location on a map.
  • Video: Shoot video to enhance your field reports. Video is auto-saved to YouTube for fast online playback.
  • Waypoints: Mark important points of interest you find in the field.
  • Audio: Save time and record your observations with an audio waypoint.
  • In-App Messaging: Receive important messages from or response teams.
  • News: Read the latest news on the Gulf oil spill in this live feed from Yahoo.
  • New Reports: See the latest reports posted by fellow mappers.
  • Helpful Info: Find safety tips, important contacts, and more.
  • Distance: Track how many miles you traveled during your field report.
  • Time: Record the time you spend in the field.
  • Social Networks: Coming soon: Share your field reports on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Post Reports: Every field report is shared with the public at The data can be freely accessed and exported by any person or organization.

Not bad eh? If you’re on the Gulf Coast or just want to stay informed, hit up the link below and get started!

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