Galaxy Tab 10.1-Inch WiFi Sees CM9 Pre-Alpha Release

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Product Image

Well it’s been some time since we first saw the CyanogenMod team go to work on CM9 and since then we’ve seen a bunch of devices get alpha or pre-alpha builds of the ICS ROM. Given that it’s pre-alpha it’s design is strictly for previewing only. However the only aspect that appears to not be working is the camera. We’ve seen the original Galaxy Tab get a CM9 build but now it’s available for rooted WiFi versions of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Specifically it’s available for the GT-P7510 model and should NOT be flashed on other versions.

The Galaxy tablet will probably be upgraded to Android 4.0 by Samsung but there isn’t an exact time table as to when this will happen. It will also see a version with TouchWiz intact. So CM9 is a good choice for seeing a more pure ICS experience. So if you are wanting to flash this make sure to flash the recovery.img with fastboot first. Once that is done you can go ahead and flash the ROM in recovery mode. 

Remember folks, it’s pre-alpha and issues are bound to rise. However don’t go out and report every bug you find as there is usually no support for pre-alpha builds. If you are interested you can get the recovery image below as well as the link to the 117MB CM9 ROM. If you are brave enough to flash this let us know what you think in the comment section below. While CM9 is taking longer than expected, it’s good to see more and more builds coming out. If you don’t mind losing camera functionality for a mostly functional build of ICS then this ROM is for you. Enjoy!

Recovery.img – Link
CM9 Pre-Alpha ROM – Link 

source: Google+
via:  androinica



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