Samsung Galaxy S II to get Ice Cream Sandwich on March 1, Galaxy Note and others soon thereafter?

Eldar Murtazin is at it again. He’s the one who gave us that leaked press shot of a new Samsung device recently. Now he’s saying that Ice Cream Sandwich will be available for the Samsung Galaxy S II on March 1. If this is true, I would only expect to see it on the International version as I highly doubt the U.S. carriers will see ICS until at least May or June, but I hope I’m wrong. Eldar also tweeted shortly after that the Note and other models will see ICS in the March to May time frame, which really isn’t news.

If ICS is ready on March 1 for the Galaxy S II, this would really be big since it’s only a couple of weeks away. Of course, when it comes to software updates such as these, nothing is true until it’s actually released and on your device.

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About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Superduty1985

    I have a gs2 skyrocket that is rooted will I get the update if I’m rooted?

    • Raymito_11


    • Amp0511

      You have to odin back to stock in order to get the offical ics. You will not get it on your rooted a

  • Nailzdroid

    Need this on my sgs2. I’ll probably ditch go launcher ex then.

  • Sunil Manohar

    So, the rooted S II will not get the update? Then what should I do to get the update?