[Leak] Press shot of new Samsung phone running Ice Cream Sandwich ahead of Mobile World Congress

Samsung already made it official they won’t be showing the Galaxy S III next month at Mobile World Congress, but Mobile-Review EIC Eldar Murtazin just tweeted a press shot of a Samsung smartphone that will be unveiled at the event. Could it be the Galaxy S II Plus or something completely different? You can clearly see that Ice Cream Sandwich is running on it along with updated ICS buttons. One things I can say for sure is it looks gorgeous.

[via twitter]

  • emunnn

    Galaxy s2 skyrocket HD?

    Its identical to my white s2 skyrocket. Besides the new button layout.

    • tee

      Hardware buttons? What are they for in a native ICS device? Downgrading??

      A fake surely.

  • I love my S2, I can’t wait to see the S3. Although I think ICS will look just as sexy on the S2.