Augmented Reality Makes Toy Packages Cool, Teach Kids Lesson Of Looking At Package Before Buying

Technology sure is being taken to another level, isn’t it? While we were over at CES, we highlighted one of the more interesting concepts called “Augmented Reality“– where essentially a static object comes to life using a special app and your smartphone’s built-in screen. Bandai wants to use this technology and make toy packaging become better than perhaps a toy itself. Thanks to ingeniuous development from Bandai, the new Thundercats and Ben 10 toys will have the ability to come to life through a smartphone screen via Aurasma’s augmented reality. Bandai pledges the interactive packages will help kids “examine every part of the toy before purchase”. Talk about teaching kids the important life lesson of examining something before you buy. Check one for the “this is freaking awesome” list. Check out the video below to see the cool and interesting concept in action.

 [via Engadget]