Sprint Set To Give Final Salute To Android Legend, HTC EVO 4G Reaches End Of Life

One of the most influential Android devices ever has finally seen its time in the spotlight come to a close. As the first 4G device in the U.S. and perhaps one of the most influential Android devices ever, Sprint has finally decided to call it quits with its HTC EVO 4G device, this time for good. We saw how the white version was on the original chopping block, but now it is the Black version’s time to get the ax this time, giving the clear sign the phone will be out of the picture completely. Starting this Sunday, January 29th, the WiMax-capable device is set to be gradually phased out of shelves and displays from Sprint stores around the country. While there are other Sprint devices set to be phased out as well on that date, none can match the stature and influence it had among the Android community. To prospective or current Sprint customers, here’s your chance to own one of the best and most popular Androids ever. It also doesn’t hurt that it is to this day incredibly developer-friendly. A bottle of champagne is being poured to the ground for a final salute to a breakthrough device. It’s been a great run EVO 4G… it’s been a great run.

[via SprintFeed by Android Police]

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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  • Those sorry SOB’s at sprint….. We have had our HTC EVO 4G for almost 2 years, paying the extra $10.00 a month x 3 to fund the 4G here into Colorado Springs CO. No 4G yet? And now the EVO is EOL???????? What kind of CRAP is sprint pulling?
    One of the best 4G smart phones out there, we would know, so would thousands of other sprint customers they have ripped off. Cause there is little to NO 4G any where in Colorado, and NOTHING in Colorado Springs CO?
    Soooooo glad I switched over to ATT, going to move the other 4 lines ASAP!