Android and iOS continue to gain while Android continues to dominate

Nielsen just reported numbers for the 4th quarter and there are no surprises to report. Both Android and Apple continue to increase their market shares at the expense of RIM, Windows, and others. Android came in a 46.3%, which is a gain of 3% from the previous quarter and Apple’s iOS came in at 30%, which is a gain of 2% from the previous quarter.

For this period, Nielsen broke down the “other” category and showed Windows Mobile and Windows Phone, which is 4.6% and 1.3% respectively. The entire “other” category adds up to 8.7% while the previous quarter, they totaled 11%. In the other no shocker category, RIM continued further declines as they went from 18% to 14.9%.

Even with the iPhone 4S launch in the fall, Android still showed a decent increase which is great news.

[via nielsen]



  • I wonder how the latest statistics are when it comes to gender among Android users? I hope Nielsen comes up with another one because last time I checked, males still rule the world of Android. I’m one of the few female geeks that’s totally in love with the mobile platform :D