Quad-Core HTC Edge Gets Name Change

The leaks are beginning to go from a trickle to a pour from HTC as we approach Mobile World Congress. We previously mentioned something about a little quad-core-powered monster called the HTC Edge, but the gang at PocketNow stumbled upon some additional information about the device. In what is an unusual move to say the least, HTC has decided to change the identity of the device, going from codename Edge to Endeavor. While the Endeavor looks to be the official name of the device, HTC will likely retain the Edge codename, which would be useful in identifying the device in different markets around the world as they would have different names (ex. think of the HTC Status also being known as the ChaChaCha). Sure the name Endeavor isn’t as edgy (no pun) as the Edge, but perhaps HTC wants to generate some chatter and additional buzz and talk before formally unveiling the phone to us in February.

Look for more information about the Tegra 3-powered device to continue to pour out especially as we get near the start of MWC.

[via PocketNow]

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