Adobe Announce Flash 10 For Android

Adobe have announced that Flash 10 will be making it’s way to the Android platform by the end of the year. In an announced at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Adobe revealed that they plan to release their first full-fledged Flash multimedia player for smartphones by the end of 2009.

“We’ve made a lot of progress, but there is still a lot of engineering work to be done,” said Anup Murarka, director of partner development and technology strategy for Adobe’s platform business unit.

Adobe are expected to demonstrate the Flash Player 10 for smartphones beta during the Mobile World Congress event.


  • AA

    That’s great just great make us wait a whole year for it great they could’ve gave us something that plays video while we wait but nooooo.

  • Oh thank God, I’m so sick of the crybabies!

  • muttley15

    That’s like buying a car and waiting a year for the wheel to be invented ! ! !

  • jpzzle

    they are stupid that’s all, i had a dash and i”m starting to think Android will never out power Windows… what PDA can’t play videos from its origin….? crap i must say.

  • winmoluvr

    I am fed up with listening to all the broken promises. Gave android a chance but it was released in beta and still has so many wrinkles its not worth it. If it weren’t for the sync of contacts I would have put my g1 under the wheel of my car. Home-W is the only way to fix some problems. I’m going windows mobile next. At least I know where to go to when something goes wrong.

  • Well they don’t care its all about the money that guy over 8 months ago an flash showing us on youtube.if every one would write google or stop buying the android phones they would get shit toghther for us but think iphone will not have flash an the iphone will be saleing with tmobile sprint an so on in the end 2010 thank god att is going down they suck an g1 an mytouch an more will be the king of smartphones they kill iphone any way just look on the web att lost the iuphone ha ha att its pay back time suck that

  • DT

    Well i just purchased a HTC Sprint Hero on Oct 24, and LOW AND BEHOLD… IT DOES NOT PLAY ANYTHING THAT’S A FLASH 10 RELEASE!… WOW… they don’t tell you this info when you sign Sprint’s 2 YEAR CONTRACT!.. Other than that, its a GREAT Phone, but the sales reps cautiously only browse to sites using outdated flash players that the HTC Flash player can handle… Pretty sneaky marketing ploy! Way to go SPRINT! Now pressure ADOBE OR ANDROID TO COME UP WITH A PLAYER UPDATE THAT PLAYS FLASH 10.1 PLAYER before 2010 is over. ITS OCTOBER and only 2 months left before 2010. What’s it going to take. A 2010 Monolith appearing on Jupiter with NEW TECHNOLOGY before we can enjoy our purchase? The newer phone technology will be out by the time we find out if version 10.1 player is available and if it works. I’M still searching for a solution to this issue on the web. Ever heard the phrase….”BAD ROBOT!”

  • moceimo

    Yeah, it’s extremely disappointing that there still support yet. It takes time, but we’re coming up on a year. Oh well, Android is still a great product.

  • dennis

    flash player lite is available on the htc hero from sprint already, all u got to do is just update your firmware from your phone .Beware though the full adobe flash player 10 is not available yet,its only the adobe flash lite right.but hey its better than nothing

  • veggiedude

    Looks like Apple was right after all. Not only has YouTube released a beta of its site in HTML5, but Vimeo has just released its HTML5 player. Face it, Flash is dead. If Android is really about open standards, then HTML5 is the way to go.

  • evli06

    So let me get this straight, I have an archos 5 internet media tablet but can’t watch flash videos because they don’t have an update for android

  • DaG1User

    Hey Everyone! i’ve found (3) methods to getting ‘Flash Player” on the G1. But, PLS NOTE…
    the methods doesn’t work for everyone (&, or) you may have to try it a few times to get it to work. But, after playin around one day, I’ve found (3) different ways to installing “Flash Player” on the G1…

    this one is annoying, but it could work on your G1: 1) Download “IE explorer or FireFox M.” from the market place. once installed, go into the App Managment Settings & check the box so you can download “Non-Market Place Apps”.
    Now, use “IE Explorer or FireFox M.” & go to click on “Flash Player 10” & it should see your browser & allow you to download it.
    Note: you may have to try a few times, cause the browsers in the market place sux! once again… “Really Annoying!”

    This one has a better chance at working on your G1, but requires you have any “SD Card” over 2GB:
    2) go into the “App Managment” settings in your phone… turn on “USB Debugging”. Then, from your computer, download “Flash Player 10 INSTALLER” or “INSTALLATION package”. once download has been completed.. connect the G1 to the computer. Then, Trasfer the “Flash Player 10 INSTALLER” or “INSTALLATION package” to “the SD CARD”. after-which… disconnect the phone from the computer, then turn off the phone. Turn it back on & wait for everything to load up. Then you should see the “INSTALLER or INSTALTION package” in your menue screen. click to install… once completed, your browser will now be running Flash Player 10! :D

    this one is for those that wont wait for the Flash Player update to come out…
    3) from the computer, make a folder & copy all the files & codex for Flash Player 10 into it. also make sure to download the Flash Player 10 “INSTALLER or INSTALATION package” as well. Take the folder & installer & copy them to the “SD Card” once completed, disconnect the phone from the Computer… then turn off the Phone.
    before you turn the phone back on, be sure to (press & hold) the Menue Button. once everything is up & running, go ahead 7 install Flash Player 10. it’ll now work on your browser of choice!

    Note: these methods may not work right away for you, but i’ve tryied them multiple times & each time i was able to succeesfully install & run “Plash Player 10”
    So Please Enjoy!!! (^__^)