Edwin Speech-to-Speech App…Listens, and Talks Back

No wife jokes, please.  The Edwin Speech-to-Speech app will answer your questions audibly.  I ran it through a few paces, and it actually is pretty good.  Accurately told me the time, the weather, the nearest pizza place and gas station.

The developer says the app is still evolving, but it certainly is off to a good start.  Watch the demo below, or hit Appbrain and have a look for yourself, it’s free!

Appbrain link

[via Lifehacker]

  • Rob

    Am I the only one who finds this impossible to download?

  • Michael Murphy

    I downloaded it via the exact link I posted, so unless something has changed I don’t know why it would give you trouble. Can you download other market apps? Curiously, sometimes my phone just refuses to download stuff from the market until I pop the battery out, put it back in, and turn it back on.

    If it’s just this one app, I don’t know what could be going…everything seems to be just fine.

  • John H

    I just wish somebody would come up with a site that has direct downloads for these so called free apps….