Initial Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich Benchmarks are in

With the UK launch of the Galaxy Nexus being just a few days ago, it wouldn’t be long before it was taken through the paces and the device’s performance was benchmarked. From a hardware perspective there really isn’t anything that the Nexus has that outshines other devices. It boasts a TI-OMAP 4460 chipset, and a ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore SMP, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor paired with LPDDR2 RAM. The GPU that’s used is the Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX 540.

The software side of things is where the Galaxy Nexus really shines. Ice Cream Sandwich brings Honeycomb’s optimization work and takes it even further with some extra ICS optimization work. This really shows in the browser benchmarks. If you follow the numbers, it shows that pages are rendered much faster than that of the Apple iPhone 4s.

The graphics tests showed that the Galaxy Nexus didn’t perform as well to that of the iPhone or iPad but didn’t do horrible. Even with being limited by the SGx540, the device still placed in the top 4.

So while the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t outperform the iPhone 4s, iPad 2 or the SII in terms of graphics, the device doesn’t slouch by any means. It will be interesting to see how the U.S. version of the phone stacks up to these numbers when it’s released. My guess is the numbers will be somewhere along the same lines as its sister phone in the UK.

[via AnandTech]


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  • Maybe this “poor” graphic performances are due to the high resolution?

    • blix247

      Yep, probably looks much better when you account for a reduction in pixels.  It would be interesting to see how the Razr, Resound and Skyrocket stack up against it too.  Those are essentially the Christmas choices if you want LTE.

      • clay cooper

        Razr should be nearly identical to the Bionic with a small bump up in CPU speed (200mhz). The Rezound is also similar to the Evo 3d, again with a small bump in speed (300mhz). The skyrocket should be identical to the Galaxy s2.

  • womp

    4460 does not support ddr2. which is why the nexus should have the 4470 and at least a gpu comparable to the PowerVR SGX543MP2

  • hahaha… soo funny to see this… not even in close comparison with iPhone4S, where does the point of Competition come into picture now???

    but good review –