[Leak] US Cellular to Launch New 4G Network With Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab?

If there is any truth to the latest rumor that was fed to Phandroid, US Cellular appears to be gaining clout with device manufacturers. A tipster, said to be an employee at US Cellular, has provided an internal document showing a couple of impressive upcoming devices made by Samsung. If you have already studied the picture above I am sure you can guess what they are. Yep.. you’re right! You’re looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Not too shabby for a small time carrier if you ask me.

Another thing the document mentions is US Cellular’s 4G network, which is all ready to go, ¬†just has no devices yet to support it. My guess is that the devices shown in the document are going to be the first to bat once US Cellular throws the 4G pitch. By the looks of things, US Cellular may be planning to play with the big dogs in 2012. Welcome to the majors? We shall see my friends.

[via Phandroid]

  • RossT21

    that would be so awesome. I love US cellular! they are so great.

  • Troy

    got a text alert from US cellular earlier today…

    “The network with the highest call quality and network satisfaction if bringing you 4G LTE speed”

    Also contains a link to a page with the same 4G logo as above. States that 4G LTE services will be available in early 2012 in select cities in Wisconsin, Maine, Iowa, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Texas. Looking at the coverage map, looks like I hit the Jackpot living in Maine, as ME has the most 4G coverage of any of the states by far. The one thing it doesnt talk about however, is a list of devices.