Apple Loses iPad Design Suit Against Spanish Tablet Computer Maker NT-K

Apple has just been beaten at its own game of bullying.  The story initially begins last year as the Cupertino giant accused the small Android-based computer maker Nuevas Tecnologías y Energías Catalá (nt-k) of copying the iPad and sought out a customs ban. Spanish customs ultimately seized shipments from China containing nt-k’s Android-based tablets and Apple even went on to bring criminal charges against nt-k on December 9, 2010. Not fearful of Apple’s threats and treatment, nt-k decided to fight back by defending itself in the matter. nt-k filed an antitrust complaint with the Spanish competition regulator Comisión Nacional de la Competencia (CNC). Its defense was successful to say the least. The CNC is currently reviewing and has not dismissed nt-k’s  complaint against Apple, while the judge overseeing Apple’s charges against nt-k has dismissed them completely, concluding there was no ‘sufficient justification’ for a criminal case against nt-k. Moreover, nt-k is now seeking damages from Apple for monetary damages, lost profits, and ‘moral damages’.

Kudos to nt-k for standing up for not only themselves, but other Android manufacturers who are at a seemingly constant battle with Apple over patent infringements and injunctions. We’re sure most of you are giving each other hi-fives all around. Be sure to let us know what you think about this victory in our Comments section.

[via FOSS Patents]

About the Author: Roy Alugbue

Conceived as Spock’s 4th cousin, Roy has had quite the life. He was born in beautiful San Jose, California, raised in Los Angeles, California and now resides in the greater New York City area. He has always been fascinated and obsessed with technology, especially the continuous advancements of mobile platforms. He was a Blackberry slave since his undergrad days at the University of Southern California until realizing in Feb. 2011, there were greener pastures in the land of Android. His first Android phone was the Motorola Atrix 4G, and he hasn’t looked back. He currently works in corporate media, enjoys following media and technology trends, reading a good book, weightlifting, playing on his XBOX 360 and conversing with total strangers.

  • brocinco


    maybe if apple wasn’t to busy trying to sue everyone, they would have actually created an iphone5 and not an iphone 4s that has technology older than my 1 year old droid!

    hopefully apple begins to lose more battles and they will stop all of this nonsense!

  • wongsinj

    Can’t agree more with you brocinco. But I also think tht apple is now wasting time suing everybody because they don’t have a clue about what to put in there next iPhone.

  • William G. Ward

    Apple, and to a lesser extent Microsoft, are trying to suffocate innovation by their legal actions, and making money from other manufactures who make a product that resembles, in some small way, their product.
    More power to you NT-K, there should be more like you.