Cisco AnyConnect VPN Support To Be Implemented In Ice Cream Sandwich, Enterprise Users Rejoice

Productivity in the work place is about to reach a whole new level when ICS rolls around.  “Issue 3902” has recently been closed over at Google Code and according to some of the comments from a Google employee it looks like support for Cisco’s AnyConnect VPN client will be added in the new OS version.  This will be a welcomed addition to IT departments and users alike.  Support for AnyConnect supposedly can be found on several of the major platforms and until now lacked a healthy presence on Android devices.  Hopefully all of that is about to change.  As further versions continue to come about, it’s obvious that Enterprise users are going to benefit from new features greatly, making them more and more productive in the work place and on the go.  Any thoughts?

[via Google Code]

  • trustnoone


  • Greg H

    This is great news for Android!! Should help drive corporate adoption of Android phones and tablets, as this is a critical business component.

  • ahenaol

    ¿And what happend with NTLM, Proxy settings, and WiFi 802.1x connections?