Tether Your Droid X Without Cables

Sure, there are programs out there like PDANet that allow you to tether your phone and get internet, but until now that seemed the only way to do so without paying out the wazoo to do so. A few users have just discovered what is probably just a feature that Verizon forgot to close the loop on which allows users to tether their Droid X’s to their Mac, PC, or Box via Bluetooth. No cable, No root, No special program, no being redirected to Verizon for additional fees. All you have to do is use the built in mobile hotspot feature and set it to Bluetooth. How long do you think Verizon will let this go un-patched? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks, Tipsters!

  • Mike

    I’m sure it won’t be around very long if websites keep putting it out there as a loophole and asking when it will be patched…

  • Not Jason

    Good call on that bro. Verizon can do as they like. Don’t get me wrong, I love the network. Hut thybae a bunch of money grubbing snot wads. They would make so much more money if they actually were cool with there customers and made things a bit more cheaper. Then they would be able to rule the world. Not that that would be a good thing.

  • bees

    Not Jason… You could always just go get an IPhone.

  • jay

    i just hope i get the one i ordered before it “goes away”… :(

  • Carl

    “set it to Bluetooth” im going to ask the obvious-how do i set it to Bluetooth?

  • Jaybee

    I use easy switch as a workaround to use the 3G wifi hotspot program.

    F-U Verizon, I already pay for unlimited Data, I will not allow you to fleece me for another $20 a month for only 2GB of wifi over the phone data line.

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