Capta: The Answer To All Of Your Phone Accessory Needs

For those of you that live and die with the accessories you buy for your phone, you’ve problem come to a rather annoying discovery: Every time you get a new phone or upgrade you find yourself buying new accessories. Whether it’s a car mount, a tripod for you picture savvy types, or whatever, Capta means to replace that. Capta works by being the perfect dock for your phone. As long as your phone has a flat back (or close to one), your device can stick to Capta. And by stick, I mean stick stick. You can see some of their demonstration videos at their site here, and it has the best grip I’ve ever seen. It leaves no residue on your phone either. Any accessory with a 1/4-20 stud (which is pretty standard) is compatible. It’s difficult to explain all the things Capta can do in words, so why don’t you go check out the demos over at their website!

[via prnewswire]