Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories start to appear online

To me it’s never a big deal when accessories start appearing online for unreleased devices because it generally just confirms that we know the device exists and that’s about it. Well, the multimedia dock (EDD-H1F8BEG) and vehicle mount (ECS-K1F8BEG) for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has surfaced online at Cartronics. Take a look at the release date which says November 21. Usually accessories like this are released at the same time as the device so if this is correct, we won’t see the Galaxy Nexus until November 21. We have been hoping for November 10, but those MAP dates are not always spot one are they?

Before you jump to any conclusions thinking this is for the GSM version which will be released after the Verizon version, take a look at the model number for the phone (in the top left corner). It says I515, and we already know that the Verizon variant will be model SCH-I515. One other thing that comes to my attention is the model numbers for the accessories. The last 3 letters are BEG, which I find interesting because I have been trying to find someone to BEG in order to get the official release date.

In the end, none of this means anything because it could just be an arbitrary date listed by Cartronics, but it also doesn’t seem out of line either.

[via wirelessgoodness]

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