Steve Jobs was “willing to go to thermonuclear war” to stop Android

The upcoming biography, Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson is scheduled for release next week, but the Associated Press got a copy early. From their descriptions, it sounds like there is some pretty bombshell stuff scrawled on the pages within. Apparently Steve Jobs was so vehemently agitated by Android that no monetary settlements with Google would ever be made. He had every intention to fire all of his guns at once, in effort to obliterate Android from the marketplace. Straight from the book, you’ll find this, quite frankly kind of disturbing, quote,

“I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong,” Jobs said. “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.”

as well as

In a subsequent meeting with Schmidt at a Palo Alto, California, cafe, Jobs told Schmidt that he wasn’t interested in settling the lawsuit,

“I don’t want your money. If you offer me $5 billion, I won’t want it. I’ve got plenty of money. I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that’s all I want.”

I know a lot you must be thinking right off the bat, honestly, “stop stealing our ideas,” *cough* iOS 5 notifications *cough*.

Moving on…obviously Jobs was fed up with Android more than he ever had us believe. Why do you think Steve was so upset over Android? Was it really just the belief that Android was stealing Apple’s ideas, or something more? Sound off in the comments.

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About the Author: Jim Farmer

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  • Christian James Whitehead

    Oh god this is too funny. If someone has stolen ideas its definately Apple. And it’s gonne be even funnier in 5 years when no one buys apple products anymore because android are miles ahead. Because Google are giving their consumers what they want, and not overcharging them for devices, and then giving them ristrictions.

  • It is not gonna stop android is just to powerful

  • not a million steve Jobs can do that

  • alwa7dawi

    Steve jobs and Muammar Gaddafi are two sides of the same coin.

  • Seeing as most of Apple’s breakthrough products were directly stolen from others, this is…. completely nuts.

    Right from the start Apple’s business plan seemed to be “find something awesome that no one knows about yet, change it in the slightest possible way, and try to popularize it as “innovation”. Going right back to the concept of the Mouse (which they ripped off from Xerox) it’s been pretty much standard practice…

  • I think when you have the power that Jobs did coming out publicly with such a hatred of your competitor may make you look petty and envious. Im not saying that I agree with the things he is stating, but I think he did right for the company when he was there to not say anything.

  • @Jason

    You may be right, that being said, I wonder how publication of the book and its contents will affect the image of the company going forward.

  • _ThaNerd_

    Sounds like someone who knew something better was out there and he couldn’t do nothing I mean NOTHING about it. Well guess his last breath went nowhere since it looks like a bionic future to me :)

  • Andy Jones

    Apart from the fact the same guy who is pissed at Google said this – publicly –

    I think the problem is to do with the latest news – Samsung have sold more phones than Apple in Q3 (despite all the injunctions) – but also quite telling is that Nokia is fast catching up to Apple too (going by Q3 figures) – People are fed up with Apple – Steve clearly knew that like all their other products – people can only be swayed by “ooo shiny” for so long before they start noticing that there are other products out there…. generally they find them when they are looking for a product that does something that an Apple product doesn’t…

  • Andreas

    Not to dishonour the dead, but this is sounding a lot like Howard Hughes. I think he hated Android because he could not control it.

  • @Jim

    I think that is something only time can tell. Im not a diehard apple enthusiast by any means BUT I must admit that I admired Jobs and his work ethic and the way he never quit. Now after this I start to wonder was the guy that held a very strong and positive exterior in public just a paranoid techy?

    Definitely a negative to me, at the same time everyone has their weaknesses…. Maybe we can finally see his.

  • JC

    “A stolen product” REALLY!!! I guess accepting the fact that someone else came up with a way better and more successful product than his and was willing to share the wealth with everybody and their mother and not to try and monopolize it like they are doing with all they iGarbage was not an option for him… don’t get me wrong I still respect the man and I think he was good at whatever it is he did… but dam!! those are some harsh words

  • Curt

    I am surprised that there is no reference to Palm ‘stealing’ Apples ideas, since the Apple Newton came out a couple of years before Palm came out with their first product.

    Steve also took the idea of a Graphical User Interface from Xerox and made the Macintosh.

    No surprise that Apple didn’t fire lawsuits against Microsoft for Windows 95. Without an infusion of Microsoft putting $150 million into Apple for a peak into Apple’s Macintosh API’s, Apple never would have made it to the iMac stage. Steve knew enough not to bite the hand that fed him and kept his company solvent enough to make their first major hit since Steve came back.

  • Brad

    I’m not going to argue that Apple/the iPhone hasn’t been lacking in innovation lately, but let’s get real here folks. The original iPhone was chock full of innovation:

  • r121


  • dave

    And the iPhone was a blatant copy of the LG Prada. Apple has innovated in a long time.

  • Lol

    Lg prada. Touch screen. Icon grid. Released months before. Look it up brad

  • Eddy

    So as Steve said, HTC (the first android dev) did the same as apple did, but better!
    They copied the idea of having a touchphone and put plenty of good stuff in it. needed some time to get it working properly, but when i see the new iphone 4S. what good new stuff is there?? really??

    siris, wow….i hade voice command tools on my google G1 like one year ago…

  • JC

    Let’s face it there will always be similarities if you are all working on a product within the same boundaries for an audience that has similar demands and needs… hey are car makers coping each other because their sedan models all have 4 doors a trunk and 4 wheels!!!??? No its the universal platform that works in general for all customers and each manufactured tries to build upon it to make it as unique as they can to cater to their shoppers… I wish all this “grown-up CEO’s” could all just get along and accept when others are simply just better at listening to the customers and giving them what they need/want and therefore out selling them… but I guess it would not be so funn if they did and then we would not have anything to talk bs about…

  • Jon

    This shows to me that jobsy was as selfish as I always thought. And became the ultimate hopocrite because of that.
    I can’t stand being told you should have this and not that. I like choice and so do most people. But unfortunatly some consumers are easily brainwashed into liking things and dont know why. These people now have a lable and that is iproducts

    • Direct hit: Jobs was proud of stealing other’s ideas (no, children, iPod WAS NOT the first Digital Music Player), but just gone amok when his (?!) ideas were stolen.

  • soraxd

    I know a lot you must be thinking right off the bat, honestly, “stop stealing our ideas,” *cough* iOS 5 notifications *cough*.

    yeppppp lol

  • R Dub

    well… its rather true. lets not lie to ourselves here. if i came up with a revolutionary product and it was copied and had the potential to outsell what i had made, i would be pissed too. anyone here who denies the fact that Google has stolen ideas from Apple to create Android is just too deep in the fanboy zone see it. i have used IOS from the beginning (ipod touch) and now have an EVO 3D. It’s apparent. However, that is just the way it goes these days. you have to embrace both sides and enjoy the competition. who gives a F*** if some people want to use and iPhone or a BB or a WP7. in the end they all accomplish the same things for you (some better at somethings than others obviously), its up to preference. i am so sick and tired of people online calling someone who doesn’t use what they have a sheep or an idiot. who really cares? deep down the reason for that behavior is because the person just wants to feel superior for owning what they have… one of my friends who is a Sprint sales rep and a former Android user (yeah he sold his EVO 3D and Nexus S) got the new BB that was just released. he was like, “i am over the flashiness, i just want a sweet keyboard at this point.” i completely hear him on that.

  • R Dub

    “know a lot you must be thinking right off the bat, honestly, “stop stealing our ideas,” *cough* iOS 5 notifications *cough*.”
    OUR? are we acting like super football fans now, talking like you are part of the team? like that was our idea just because we use an Android phone… and Fandroids call iPhone community a cult. puuuhlezzz.
    Android is a smorgasbord of stolen ideas, taking from WebOS and IOS mostly… i am not saying i dont prefer Android, which i do obviously, but can we also see why someone would use another platform? EX Android is buggy as hell, while IOS is much more reliable. cant deny that one haha

  • Anonymous

    Of course, we will never know whether or not Jobs actually ever said that, but isn’t that the whole point of attributing quotes to dead people?

    • When he said either quotes, he wasn’t dead.

      Steve Jobs is a hypocrite. The REAL Apple genius for me is Woz. #yeahisaidit

  • What an a**hole. R.I.P. to him but I felt no pain when this guy kicked the bucket. He seemed like an arrogant prick back when he told his sheep (customers) that “You’re holding it wrong.” GTFOH. I should be able to hold my phone upsidefuckindown and still be able to talk to ppl if I wanted to!

  • lyesmith

    That’s sweet from someone who once said “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal”

  • BIO

    Here is the link to the above quote where he says he shamelessly stole ideas.

  • BIO
  • @Mark 7: I really do not care whether you are using your f^cking crappy Phone from within your stinking a$$hole, as nothing decent comes from you. Get a life prick and have some respect! The world will be simply awesome without jerks like you.

    @R Dub: I couldn’t say it better. This blog as well as a number of people commenting simply do not have things clear and are worser than the biggest Apple fanboys/-girls. I do not understand the “protective” mechanism demonstrated here that blurs all sense of reality.
    So far I have advised people to consider also Android when not being locked into the Apple world, but I am revoking that slowely when seeing what type of community is behind the Android scene. It is even worser than a brainwashed community, to which Android is heaven, the biggest innovation, the most original, and the biggest innovation driver in the industry. My advise to you; continue talking the blue pill, I have taken the red pill out of the Android matrix and Talk Android matrix.

  • zaandaruwala

    what a faggot… like a MAN,lose like a MAN.
    ppl buy android coz it provides help lot of things tht Apple don’ I don’t want to listen to socialist crappy lyk ,”ppl don’t know what they want from device…let the companies choose”.you are because of us u faggot & ur company nywaya would end up like application in the pc market…..5%share.

    • Covedrop

      I find it hard to care about opinions written like this. Credibility of cognitive and intellectual processing out the window…

  • Lee

    I think both Apple and Android are great products. I think Steve Jobs was a man with vision and a passion for innovation. If there was no innovation and forward thinking, we would all still be driving the Ford model T. His passion was strong, hence his dislike of competition. Who stole what from whom? I don’t know as I have not researched it. Now, as for @ R Dub’s comment, FYI…there is no such word as “Worser”. Try using a device with spellchecker!

  • steve borsuk

    I think both Apple and Android are great products.