Motorola exec confirms Android 4.0 update heading to Droid Razr early 2012

It has only been a couple days since we brought you the announcement of the new Motorola Droid Razr with it’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. Well, Alain Mutricy, the man who unveiled Moto’s new device to the European market, has already confirmed plans to update the Razr to Android’s new fandangled OS, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Without an official U.S. launch date, and the outed UK release of Nov. 1, Mutricy says the Droid Razr will receive an OTA ICS update in “the start of 2012”. Mutricy continued to say that ICS will incorporate all the innovation that went into the Droid Razr and a more solid release date will come to us in the future. You can bet your ass we will let you know as soon as we hear more. We would love to see ICS on as many devices that are capable!

[via pocketlint]

  • Curt

    Lame attempt in trying to sway people from the Samsung Nexus to the Razr.

    Well, even if all things were the same and the Razr would include ICS at launch, I am willing to bet that the Nexus will still out sell the Razr at the same price point.

    Motorola cannot come up with a firmer date than that, it does a disservice to itself. People want release dates, not release quarters. People want Motorola to be upfront with them, not to hide behind vague references to updates. If you have a release date, and you are going to miss the release date, then come out and say that you will miss the date and why. People are smart enough to understand delays.

    But this continuance of vague date references, the inability to acknowledge problems, and always tying some sort of ‘blur’ to their Android phones will cause Motorola to lose more market share.

    I do like the Razr, but I have two problems with it. It will come out with Gingerbread, and it has blur, not vanilla Android. This ‘promise’ of ICS ‘at the start of 2012’ doesn’t cut it for me. I like Motorola phones, in fact I have only had 2 phones that were not Motorola (I have had about 12 phones now), and I have the Droid X, which has been good for me. But the Bionic fiasco lately (problems with data connections, activation etc) and Motorola’s lack of information on what is happening and when they will fix it, has soured me a little on Motorola Android offerings.

    I have two phones in mind going into Tuesday, The Razr, and the Nexus. The Razr held a slight lead in my mind due to the rumored specs. After both announcements, the Nexus now holds the lead for my money. It will all come down to release dates and which phone has a car dock (very important to me)because I use the GPS function a LOT while driving.

    Just my $0.02