Antennas App Gives Detailed Information About Your Coverage

If you’ve had your phone very long at all, you probably have a pretty good idea of where you have good coverage, and where you don’t. Still, sometimes it would be nice to really have a break down of what towers you were connecting to and what kind of signal you were pulling from each one.

Enter Antennas. This app will show you what towers are in your area, which one(s) you’re connected to, and what kind of signal you’re receiving from each tower. If you’re on a 2G network, it is possible to receive info on multiple towers at once, as your signal spans across them all. For CDMA or networks that are exclusively 3G, you’re only going to get information on the one tower you are actively communicating with.

If this sounds useful, grab it from the market via the QR code below, and be sure and let us know what you think! I may be getting this one myself…