More Connectivity Problems Reported On Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch

Epic 4G Touch owners on the Sprint network are reporting connectivity problems such as an abundance of dropped calls and slow-crawling data speeds. This comes just weeks after reports of unexpected force-closes with its calendar app and the inability to keep 4G hotspot connections while taking phone calls. The exact cause for these newest problems is unknown, though whether it be hardware, software or some “ware” in between, both Samsung and Sprint confirm they are working on a solution and may be able to provide a fix in as little as a couple weeks.

Have you experienced any of these or other connectivity problems with your Epic 4G Touch? Leave us a comment below.

[via pocketnow]

  • alex dampios

    Usually I would say the data is ok but not consistent enough. Today though I noticed at lunch the data slowed down to wear my apps wouldn’t load anything. I would just complain because i live near a sprint tower and my coverage should be good.

  • Terry

    I have not experienced this at all. The phone works great.

  • Steve

    I don’t know whats going on with sprint. I have an epic 4g first addition and it loses signal and 3 g conectivity all the time. this did not start until about 2 months ago. I must decline a s g s 2 and wait for the nexus primed to come out eventually.

  • jeff R

    Epic Touch 4G losing all connecton 5-6 times a day with line thru circle appearing. Must restart to connect again. Slow 3g speeds are a sprint problem nationwide on all phones.

  • cj

    Same in san antnoio.
    No call signal half the time.
    Barely holds 3g.
    4g rarely stay connected for more than 5 seconds.
    Cannot sync with google or communicate with google servers
    Can’t update apps.

    and I paid HOW much for this phone, plan, and “4G”……..
    Thanks Sprint.

    First your premature android update destroyed my first phone
    Now you just suck my bank account dry with maybe a week of actual “service” to show for it.

    How about waving that stupid $10 fee of yours since I’m not even getting to used 4g

    • lisababy

      I cant access anything google either

  • My mother has the epic loses internet. Says unavailable sprint says its the area not the phone but their sure is a lot of people having the same problem. They say there is nothing they can do so we are fixing to go to channel 4 news and see if it can get fixed. Tired of sprint not fixing the problem after being a customer for many years.

  • Hal

    We have two epics. My wife’s has the problems described above as well as the volume function routinely goes away and the phone has to be restarted to hear the ringer. My phone has none of these issues. We have similar apps and use the phones in the same areas. In the house I can have three bars and she can’t get a signal.

  • Tiffany

    I have the Epic first edition and I loved it at first but every since the upgrade earlier this year and even more so lately.. it really just sucks. Dropping calls all the time, can’t get on the internet half the time and MMS messages don’t go out or come through most of the time either. In addition.. now there must be some type of problem with Sprint’s service its self in my area… I’m missing calls and not receiving text messages… I call Sprint and they put in a USD… lol.. really? Then I asked them about helping me upgrade to a better phone, they don’t care.. they just said your Epic warranty is up but you can turn the problem in to insurance and get another one… I can not wait till my contract is up! DONE WITH SPRINT.

  • Jairo

    I live in the NYC and my phone losing signal every hour with the prohibit circle on the top. The bad thing about this is that the phone is not able to connect back, so I always have to reboot it in order to make or receive calls.

  • John

    I had a TON of signal issues with my phone. I took it to sprint for the second time and he went through and “reprogrammed” a few things when I couldn’t not connect to 3g when right next to an Evo 3d that was not having any issues. it seems to have improved but according to the speedtest app my download speeds are just over half of the Evos. sucks because I absolutely LOVE this phone after I switched from a photon, but Im not sure if I can put up with the lack of internet everywhere.

  • Devin

    Mine can’t get 3G after being on wifi all night without a restart, but then it works again.

  • Rich

    I live in the ATL and my phone is losing signal with the
    prohibit circle on the top. The bad thing about this is that the phone
    is not able to connect back, I always have to reboot it in order to
    make or receive calls, get email, text and use the internet.I also have that error 67 code while trying to tether to my PC.

  • I’ve had problem after problem with Sprint for the past 6 months.  It began with batteries shorting out in my Blackberry Curve, and I could not wait until I could upgrade.  When I finally could, I chose the Samsung Epic 4G.  I fell in love with the phone because of how much more I could do with it.  

    One day, out of the blue, the screen went out on it.  Al I got was pixelation, and I could not do anything with the screen.  I took the phone to a Sprint store, and found out I had to report the phone on insurance.  Now…the phone was just shy of 30 days past purchase.  It was not dropped or squished.  I find out that the deductible for receiving a replacement phone is 100.00, which is exactly what I paid for the phone exactly a month ago.  This is the part where I become an extremely unhappy customer, and the saga continues.  

    Overnight, I have no phone, so I pray there is no emergency with my daughter.  I receive the phone the next day, take it to a sprint store to activate it, and we find out there is a defective menu button on the screen.  Really???????  I sit on the phone with Sprint for 20 minutes at the store, only to have my call with the insurance dropped…in the store!!!!!  I’m so irate at the point I plead with the service at the store to help, and they call the company for me and explain the situation.  I again have to wait overnight for a working phone.

    Day 3 of the saga, I receive my third phone, all previous application data is gone, and my connectivity is slow and not working.  I’m at my wits end.  I’ve had too many issues with Sprint and phones this past year, we are now stuck with a two year contract with you, and when we’re done, we’re switching.  As nice as your service tries to be, I’m tired of all the malfunctions, dropped calls, lack of connectivity, Extra charges, dropped calls after waiting on the phone for over 20 minutes at a time, and frankly I’m sick of sitting in a Sprint Store for lengthy periods of time while my three year old daughter becomes irritable.

    I’m done.

    • JaySF

       Never have to pay and ETF.  Trust me.  Cancel, port #.  When the collection agencies start calling tell them simply” stop calling me or i am reporting you to the FCC”  if they call again, file a complaint. They will stop.

  • B Henderson1269

    I’m in pittsburgh and just upgraded from an evo. I am also having issues. This phone never has full bars on the beverage and I often get a roaming notification. This never happened with my evo. I also am not able to get as strong of a connection on wifi a I did with the evo. Very frustrating.

  • Mapham

    I HATE THIS PHONE. Phone stops wanting to send or receive messages and phone calls. This has Screwed  me over so many times when someone was trying to get a hold of me or I have to wait….just sit, trying to resend my text message and it failing each time. I WOULD LOVE TO SUE SPIRNT and/or Samsung for putting me and all the other customers through this and still using this phone as their flagship when they denied the problem for so long and IT STILL HAS NOT BEEN MADE UP FOR! BS> I can’t wait to screw sprint over with the things I’m going to do.

    • JaySF

       Im in the same boat but giving them 2 days to fix my issue and give me my 4th damn Galaxy.  Then I do what i got to do.  (Used to work for law firms) FIGHT. Why keep fighting?  because VZ and ATT are just as bad.  In SF most iPhone users on ATT have major reception issues, still, 5 yrs later and ATT does the same thing- NOTHING.  Sprint use to be different and help 15 + yr customers like me but apparently they do not give a shit now.

  • Allansuda

    Absolutely, 4g scans but never connects! Had phone since December and 4g has never worked consistently. Data speeds used to be quick, but 2 months ago vary inconsistent! Where’s the fix?

    • Johnbobie

      I am having the same problems…I can’t connect to 4g on this phone…I have called sprint several times only to be told no solution

  • Steven

    I became extremely frustrated with Sprints slow 3g speed on their Optimus phone especially after an upgrade to the Gingerbread ops. Once I saw the fix to that problem wasn’t coming anytime soon I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S2 and was thrilled to get a decent 4g signal at home and at my jobsite. A little over a month ago I started having a bunch of problems on the 3g network. Sprint sent out this airwave unit for a stronger signal. This airwave unit has been having problems lately and then all of the sudden for the last 5 days I have not been able to access the 4g network. On the average I have been using roughly 4 million kb a month on the 4g network for the last 3 months and now I can’t connect at all the places I use to. I was recently told by Sprint that a new phone will be sent to me because apparantley my phone has a software problem. I am just about at my wits end with this situation I have found myself in with Sprint.

  • Rwp501c3

    i’m losing 3g data signal has anyone else experienced the same? is it really sprint who is throttling our service?

  • Deacon315

    I havent been able to receive a phone call for over a month now! I notice through the comments we are having similar issues, but is there a solution yet?? I seriously cant deal with this anymore…

  • Marbdarb

    Same problem here. Did a update sprint recommended, since then have had problems with connection, cant call text etc, turn phone off and on and it works for a minute then goes right back to no connection/service. 

    I took phone back to sprint store two days in a row first day they did updates said it was fixed got phone home same problems, yesterday took it in they said they did updates and it should be fixed, when i asked to speak to the tech to ask why phone was still saying my 4g was turned on and roaming was eating up my battery she went in the back to get him, then came back out and said they would order me a new phone.

    Seems like they were just trying to get me out of their hair by performing useless updates that were not fixing the real problem. Just seems like the problem was the update since i had absolutely no problems before i did it and my roomate has a htc evo 3d on the same service as i do and has absolutely no connection problems whatsoever.

    Just seems like the blind leading the blind at Sprint. Hope I won’t have the same problems with the next phone, i know i will not perform updates anymore, never did them on my other phones and never had a issue the entire life of my phones, some 3 years or more old.

    Anyhow glad to know I’m not the only one with the crazy problems, hope sprint fixes the isues soon, or their going to lose a lot of customers.

  • Tarubottom

    My phone says its roaming five minutes from my house. I never have good reception.

  • yes, I just got one and have had problems. Mine has a problem I’ve not read about here, it gets super hot when charging the battery.

  • Love My Galaxy S2

    Ok the issue that I have been having since I had “sprint” is the
    connection loss while connected to the 4g network, force closes, not
    being able to update the prl or profile constantly having to refresh the
    phone on the network with ##72786# then 035468 then without the 4g
    connection and trying to update that way. The last person I spoke with
    on 7/11/12 at 1:48 pm didn’t know how to troubleshoot the S2 or the
    issue so she started guessing to do a master reset which she called
    “Hard Reset” which removes everything off the phone which does nothing.
    People It’s not the phone IF you all have sprint it is the network not
    the phone enjoy your phone not the network called “sprint”

    IF you have any helpful info email me

  • Upset

    I am ready to scream!!! Both Sprint and Samsung haven’t a fix. I returned the first phone within the 14 days and the second phone has the same problems, practically no internet and dropped calls constantly. On top of these problems the present phone has a volume problem. When I set the alarm with volume at maximum, when alarm goes off volume has turned itself down. Heading to the Sprint store tomorrow!! When I spoke to Samsung they wanted me to mail them the phone so they could try to repair it. What kind of warranty is that, I am supposed to do without my phone for a couple of weeks. They call that customer service?!!

  • Joy Freeman

    I have a galaxy epic s2 and it won’t let me get on any format of he Internet away from wifi. no twitter, no Google, no nothing! is this fixable? Please help!

  • markww

    phone networking not set properly have to go to settings more settings networking and go to AUTOMATIC. ALSO WIFI if it is on blocks incoming cell signal keep it off Mark

  • Joe Wien

    My galaxy s2 epic 4g touch is connecting to 4g and all I get is the orange arrow pointing down. No green arrow at all. Web pages wont load and no apps will load if data is needed. 3g works fine would like to see how fast 4g is. Anybody else having this problem? Iv had this phone for awhile. This is the 4 replacement phone because of “ghost keys”. I dont want to send it back for another.