[Deal] UK carrier Three discounts Galaxy SII to “free”

UK provider Three has recently lowered it’s prices on the uber popular Samsung Galaxy S II to “free”. In order to qualify for the discount you must sign a new two year contract with a minimum of £27 ($41.68) per month. The plan only gives you 500 anytime minutes, 5,000 text messages, and 1GB of data, which isn’t very much for you heavy users. If you’re anything like me, I personally would blow through that data cap in about a week. This plan appears to be geared more toward the occasional user, so be cautious not to accrue excessive overage fees. You can also opt for the £34 ($52.20) per month plan, which will upgrade your minutes to 2,000 and give you unlimited data.

On top of getting the phone for free, you will get 2 months free of Spotify premium, and you will have your choice of the black or white version. Hurry because this offer ends on September 30th. Hit the links below for details on each of the GSII versions offered during the sale.

Black White

[via eurodroid]

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