Meizu MX Pricing and Specs – Gunning for first Quad-Core Android

Back in August, Meizu CEO, Jack Wong, told us to expect an announcement concerning the Meizu MX by the end of September. That particular announcement has been made today, unveiling the pricing and some specs for their upcoming 4.3″ Meizu MX. The device will come in two storage flavors; 16GB and 32GB for $625 and $780 respectively. By the way, yes you read the headline right. The Meizu MX will sport quad-core Cortex A9 processor, possibly making it the first Android device to market utilizing quad processing. For those of us here in the states, I highly doubt this device will ever make it outside of China, but hopefully this will raise the bar for phones destined for the US. The recent announcement from Qualcomm certainly suggests they are in our future.

[via phandroid]