Tutorial: Root and ClockworkMod Recovery for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch [Videos]

A couple of days ago Samsung released the source code for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch, and now root has been achieved.  We have two methods which are essentially the same, but the first build is more complete:

From XDA member Zedomax:

Download files here

  1. Put your Epic 4G into download mode by holding down Power button and Volume down buttton, when you see an option screen, let go of both buttons then hit Volume up button.
  2. You should now be in download mode, connect your USB cable from Epic 4G Touch to a Windows computer. (Sorry ODIN uses Windows only…)
  3. Make sure you have Samsung Kies installed, it will install the proper drivers.
  4. Open up odin3 v1.85.exe, click on “PDA”, then select “SPH-D710_Zedomax_Kernel.tar” and hit Start.
  5. Your phone should reboot and voila, your phone should be rooted with SuperUser app.

Tutorial video below:

From Android Creative Syndicate developer Shabbypenquin:

Note: haptic feedback is not working

Download tar file here and you will need Samsung Kies which will install the proper drivers so your PC will recognize your Epic Touch.

  1. Download Odin 1.85
  2. Download the Pre-rooted tar from the link below
  3. Extract Odin and the Victory PIT file somewhere on your PC
  4. Open Odin3 V1.85 and on the left side ONLY have AUTO reboot checked (VERY IMPORTANT)
  5. Press the PIT button and navigate to the*Epic touch pit file and select it.
  6. Check the PDA slot and then press the PDA button and navigate to the Tar file and select it
  7. Now power off your Epic Touch
  8. Once fully powered off, press and hold volume down, home key, and power button at the SAME time.*This will take you into Odin mode.
  9. Plug your phone into your PC
  10. You should see COM# (the number doesn’t matter) in the ID:COM box
  11. Press start and let it run through the process!*
  12. You are now rooted! Enjoy!

Tutorial video below:

Install ClockworkMod Recovery by XDA member Bubby323:

This gives full root privileges, but the link to the recovery has been pulled because root is temporarily broken.

These instructions are the same as Shabbypenguin’s pre-rooted tar package, but you will need the recovery file. Keep checking the source link below to see if the download has been make available.

As always, please proceed at your own risk. We are not responsible if you harm your device in any way using these instructions.

[via xda – zedomax, acs – shabbypenquin, xda – bubby323, androidpolice]

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • scottyt

    will this work for a boot loop (soft brick)??? Please help

  • Zhono

    And now that I’ve followed the direction for the first method, my phone is rooted, and wifi is completely non-functional. How can I fix wifi?