DROID Bionic WiFi tether hack for rooted users [Courtesy of XDA]

A lot of you were able to root your Bionic, but found that you couldn’t WiFi tether. It looks like Verizon and Motorola have stepped up their efforts in preventing your from tethering, but thanks to xda member ddv2005, you can now freely tether away.

From the post:


I found way to enable Hotspot without Verizon Provisioning. I used SQLLite Editor to modify settings.db for “Settings Storage” application ( com.motorola.android.providers.settings ). Set entitlement_check to 0 and reboot the phone.


[via xda]

  • Fembot

    Any clear instructions on how to do this for us who have no idea what and how t use that editor to change the Hotspot setting?

    • Bgreyc

      I had no idea either, but followed instructions and it worked fine.

      the gray screen is correct, but click on the top where the editor shows up.

      Hold finger on the Entitlement_check and it will come up with a edit screen.

      works great!!

  • Alan

    Have Droidx…do not have a file names “entitlement_check”

  • Mr. Salty

    That’s because this is a hack for the Bionic, not the Droid X.

  • godfathercj69

    The SQLite Editor when looking at the specified app setting is all gray and not showing up… i just rooted my bionic and allows superuser access. what could i be missing?

  • godfathercj69

    nevermind im dumb lol

  • rootedbionicj

    thank you, worked great.

  • rootedbionicnoob

    Same problem as godfather, but have yet to figure out the problem.

    Help please

  • rootedbionicnoob

    Lol, ok, nvm also, I figured it out.

    For those as dumb as me, just click on the app to be brought to the setting in the next menu. etc…

  • Paul

    Opening that db with aSQLLiteManager and aShell (root) gives error /mnt/sdcard/aSQLLIteManager/settings.db is not a database. (I browsed to /data/data/com.motorola.android.providers.settings)

    anyone know exactly where this settings.db file is supposed to be? do i have to chmod the file somehow?

  • shaun

    what version of wireless tether are you guys using?

    i followed all directions and computer is still not able to access internet, ip address not being assigned i believe….

    i am using wifi_tether_v3_1-beta6.apk

  • Paul V

    Can’t locate the, Set entitlement_check, any chance this has been patched?

  • shaun

    hey guys, i just figured this out

    you have to use the native verizon wifi tether application for this to work……. i kept trying to use a separate app and thats where i got stuck.

    hope this helps

    email me if you have any questions, glad to help out the community

    thanks to everyone else!

    • ckilg

      Were you charged for the WiFi usage?

    • Scsauder

      I just purchased the driod bionic as my first smart phone and I am trying to figure out how to root it and get make it a wireless hotspot without paying verizion.  Do you have step by step instructions for a newby?  I’ve had a lot of people tell me not to root my phone.  Do you know as safe root to use?

  • ptpt

    I’ve changed the entitlement check and had previously rooted the phone without issue. The wifi client does not appear to dhcp properly. I also changed the client dhcp start address to a variety of 192.168.x.x addresses.

    The client ends up with a wifi connection, but an apipa 169.x.x.x address. Any ideas?

    Thanks very much

  • CMC

    Doesn’t work for Droid Pro. Any ideas? entitlement_check is already at the 0 value but still can’t get around the verizon block.

  • ptpt

    I should have also mentioned I’m on a droid bionic, gingerbread 2.3.4

    I’ve tried other tethering apps as well (barnacle, garden..) No luck with those either.

    I even tried a bit with a friend and giving his wifi device static settings- but I’m not sure about the gateway. Would the gateway be the first available IP

    For example:

    Client static

    DNS servers???


  • Smity
  • §peck

    I’m trying to do this with a rooted Droid 3. I found the entitlement_check setting, but it was already set to 0. I can tether, but it just reroutes me to the Verizon website.

    • Joseph

      Me 2 with the droid 3

  • Cody Mcgee88

    Have rooted droid 3 tried this but the entitlement was already zero tried few other things nothing yet but any ideas?if i find a way ill be sure to post

  • Jessbowring

    this worked fine for me, MUST reboot phone and use stock hotspot not an app. If still does not work change the DHCP to or .1.2 
    Droid Bionic

  • Awsome0775

    works great, first time, and I just learning about root.