Microsoft inks licensing deals with Acer and Viewsonic over Android violations

A few months ago, Microsoft was able to cut a deal with HTC grabbing $5 per device sold. We know Microsoft can’t make any money selling their own devices so they figured they would steal it from others. It’s kind of like taxing the rich and giving it to the poor. Microsoft is far from poor, but their sales of Windows phone is.

Microsoft just announced they now have licensing deals in place with Acer and Viewsonic. We do not know the terms, but much like the HTC deal, it will continue the trend that Microsoft will earn more money through licensing deals than sales of their own devices.

The major quote in both press releases is the following:

“We are pleased that [Acer/Viewsonic] is taking advantage of our industrywide licensing program established to help companies address Android’s IP issues,” said Horacio Gutierrez, corporate vice president and deputy general counsel of Intellectual Property and Licensing at Microsoft. “This agreement is an example of how industry leaders can reach commercially reasonable arrangements that address intellectual property.”

We can expect that as part of these deals, and future deals, that manufacturers will be forced to produce Windows devices. This is why Google bought Motorola. They needed to get control of the manufacturing process because it is unknown how any of these lawsuits will end.

[via androidcentral]

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