AT&T Brings the $30 Impluse 4G to Save you from Smartphone Envy

Want to know how to get an Android smartphone into more people’s hands? You do exactly what AT&T is doing by offering one for $30. Another kicker, by the looks of the screenshot, is it looks to be rocking stock Android 2.2 (huge bonus). We don’t have a full breakdown of specs on the Impulse 4G, but this is what we know so far:

  • 3.8” Capacitive WVGA Touchscreen
  • Operating System: Android 2.2
  • 5MP Camera with auto-focus, flash, and 720p HD video record
  • Wi-Fi with access to AT&T’s Hotspots
  • GPS Navigation
  • Dimensions: 120mm x 65mm x 11.6mm

It’s a pretty safe bet that this will not be a dual-core device (I could be wrong here), so existing sales like the dual-core LG Thrill at the same price might leave this one hanging in the wind. With that said, it’s likely this may end up being a free device with a contract, and there is always a place in this world for free stuff. I’m sure anyone on a budget who needs a new phone wouldn’t look away from this device in the store. This is AT&T’s first smartphone from manufacturer Huawei and will be available on September 18th.

[via att]

About the Author: Harold Williams

Harold was born and raised in Whitehall, NY (supposedly the birthplace of the US Navy). His first real smartphone experience belonged to Nokia and Symbian. Following came years of being a happy BlackBerry follower with a brief moment on Windows Mobile. Once a Droid X landed in his hands, he was forever converted to the dark side of the force. Memories of a Star Tac filled his head with happiness and once again joining Motorola in a new revolution. When not playing guitar he's following the tech world via Twitter and the mobile web trying to fill his need to have and know about the latest and greatest tech. Being grateful for all the free tools Google has provided, he is now sold on Google for life. In the real world he is filling his dorky needs as a project manager for a medical technology company.