Nexus Prime passes WiFi certification

We’re pretty excited here at TA because we likely have a bit of Nexus Prime news on our hands. The Samsung GT-I9250 has just passed WiFi certification today. If the info on a recently leaked Samsung roadmap holds any truths, this is 99.9% the Nexus Prime. It’s coming people, we’re close. If you’ve been out of the Android loop recently, the new Nexus will have a Super AMOLED 1280×720 HD screen, feature Ice Cream Sandwich, and some sort of TI OMAP4 processor rumored to be a 1.5Ghz dual core. This will be the Android to own. Being a Verizon customer, I’ve been denied a Nexus One and Nexus S, but my hopes are high this time.

[via Phandroid]

  • spiiicy chips

    I really do hope this is for verizon!! My og Droid is ready to retire as my backup.

  • dinogami

    This phone coming to Verizon–and soon, goldurnit!–is the only possible saving grace from their despicable move of not picking up the Galaxy SII…

  • K.J.

    If this doesn’t come to T-Mobile I’ll be making my way to whatever carrier it goes to..its time to put my nexus to rest

  • dineshabe

    bring this to canada at the same time pleaaaseeeeee