Samsung IFA app outs Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note, and Wave 3

Samsung has been promising us something special for September 1st, which is when the IFA Trade Show in Berlin kicks off. They went as far as releasing a teaser app with the promise that the app could be updated on September 1st to reveal the juicy details.

A tipster decided to look inside the APK and found the three logos in the above picture. We now know they will be announcing the Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet, a Wave 3 smartphone (with the latest edition of the Bada OS), and a Galaxy Note. Nobody has reported on the Galaxy Note, so we are not sure what it is. As far as the Galaxy Tab 7.7, I think it is safe to say that it is an update to the original Galaxy Tab with a 7.7-inch screen. No other specs were identified at this time.

Stay tuned as more information might leak out, but ultimately, we are going to hear all the details on September 1st in Berlin.

[via thisismynext]