G1 Android Multi-Touch Moves A Step Closer

Android developer Luke Hutch has managed to enable multi-touch functionality on his T-Mobile G1 without having to recompile the Android kernal.

By using specially developed Android applications and a change to just one classfile, Luke demonstrates full multi-touch scaling and panning on his T-Mobile G1.


Multi-touch on the G1 has been a source of much discussion since the release of the handset, with Google and HTC claiming that the G1 was only ever intended to be a single-touch device. Hardware limitations, lack of software support and possible Apple patent infringement were all cited as potential reasons for the lack of multi-touch.

However back in November, Android developer Ryan Gardner managed to locate some commented out lines  inside Android’s kernal driver that indicated multi-touch was indeed possible on the G1.

For more indepth information and source code for G1 multi-touch support head on over to Luke’s blog.

  • That’s some really awesome stuff! It’ll be interesting to see how multi-touch will develop for Android, and to see how the community will work with it.

  • Roy

    Thanks Luke. Excellent job relaying a complex function and implementing Multi-touch.

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