More “Charming” news about T-Mobile’s new qwerty phone, the Motorola Charm (Basil?)

Motorola Charm

More info is rolling out about the upcoming Motorola Charm aka Basil for T-Mobile. While not much was said about the specs, a source for TmoNews was able to snap a nice pic of the candy bar phone. (Which I don’t know about you, but it looks a lot to me like my Peek email device, but anyway)

While the design may not be for everyone, the Charm is said to have a landscape-style screen which looks to be about 3 inches and is running an unknown version of the Android OS and Moto-Blur. The kicker on this update is that the device is said to have a touch pad much like the Motorola Backflip has.

Even better, the latest in store banners for T-Mobile show the Motorola Charm as one of their “Free” back to school special phones. A free Android-based, qwerty keyboard with all the trimmings. Who wouldn’t want to get in on that deal. Even my son is begging me to get him one. We’ll have to see if any rebates are needed for the “Free” price but still this makes it the cheapest Android based phone to date.

T-Mobile Ad

[via tmonews]