Apple Patents The Rectangle: Still Don’t Believe Apple Is Patent Trolling?

Alright, raise your hand if you were surprised when Apple sued Motorola for their XOOM tablet. No one? You know why no one is surprised? This is becoming a common Apple product. Apple doesn’t seem content with suing Samsung, their (more than likely) biggest tablet competitor. Now that they’ve won that battle, they’ve moved onto Motorola for their XOOM. It’s like I called Apple’s success against Samsung being used as a precedent in other cases. Oh wait, I did. We just reported that Apple has filed a complaint against Motorola in Europe for its XOOM tablet. You know what this means? Apple is officially a patent troll.

Alright, I want to first post pictures of the two devices. First, a quick look at the front and their respective home screens.

Here’s a look at the backs of the devices.

The iPad [2] is supposed to look like a typical Apple-frilly product, while the XOOM is clearly supposed to look more rugged. Impossible to distinguish they’re so similar, right? The only thing that I find similar in the devices’ look is that they are rectangular with curved edges, and they both have a large rectangular screen. But that’s just how tablets tend to look. Yes, the iPad may have been the first to bring this design to the masses, but just because you made a previous idea popular does not mean you should control that idea. And if you run into an idiot that claims Apple was the first to make an all touch screen, personal computing tablet, just show them the HP TC1100.

Apple was clearly the first to design a rectangular device

Apple is quite literally saying that they own the rights to any portable device that is large, rectangular, and has a touch screen. You want a visual representation of Apple’s B.S. patent? Here you go. Apple is trying to patent the rectangle. Euclid might find offense with that. Seriously, look at that patent illustration. It is a rectangle. Apple is so afraid of Android kicking its keester in the tablet world as well as the phone world, that it is trying to be the only tablet allowed in the market. You know what that sounds like to me? A patent trolling, monopolistic company. Hell, IBM should sue Apple for patent trolling since they hold the patent for that (satire piece to come later). Maybe Apple would enjoy some of its own stupid shenanigans? I’m sorry, but I can’t even think of a reason to defend Apple on this anymore. I’ve made it clear that I think they have a legitimate complaint when they sued Samsung about the look of their devices, but dragging Motorola and HTC in this has gone too far. Of course, this is interesting since Motorola probably has enough patents to crush their patent trolling adversaries, but Apple seems to like riding this high horse thinking they’re king of the mobile domain.

I’m no longer hoping that all of this just stops and goes away. Bullies won’t stop just because they’re told to. I hope the Android makers join together to crush Apple. I hope that judges eventually realize that Apple is trying to destroy their competition in court because they can’t keep up with them in the market. And I can’t wait until Apple once again fades into irrelevance and the media stops assuming Apple has patented innovation. Apple supporters love calling Google evil. If allowing other manufacturers to put their ideas into consumers hands is evil while trying to prevent anyone else from having ideas is good, consider me part of the dark side. I don’t want any part of that crap.

About the Author: Andrew Greenfield

Andrew Greenfield was born and raised in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. He is currently attending THE Ohio State University where he is majoring in Honors Industrial & Systems Engineering. He was allowed to pick a smartphone for college and has been surgically attached to his Evo ever since. When not playing around with his phone, Andrew enjoys playing frisbee, football, soccer, Super Smash Bros, fixing the technology for the technologically impaired, and making fun of M*chigan fans.

  • look at this is to enhance the creativity of each one is always the same boring…..

  • tom p

    Ohio Art Co. beat Apple to the punch long ago with this bad boy:

  • JimD

    Slow news day?

    “…because they can’t keep up with them in the market.” Really? Do you have an internet connection or did you ask a buddy to upload this article for you? Do you know how to read or did you have someone transcribe this article for you?

  • Rob

    So eloquently yet simply put I don’t believe it could have been said better. Apple is the number one tech company because of their ipads and Iphones, so they will do anything to prevent further losses to Android. They cannot innovate because their platform is tired and limited, so since they can’t innovate they litigate.

  • mondeq

    WTF?! We appreciate Apple as a trend-setter but able to sue every inch of the device(s) – that’s insane. This sue thing really see the dark side of Apple – fear at competition.

  • Pierre-Luc Bureau

    Time to get rid of all Apple’s actions!

  • Mrjose

    While I deplore Apple’s strategy, I must disagree with the label patent troll. A patent troll IMHO is an entity that doesn’t produce a product but just uses the patent to extract license revenue from the entity producing the patent. Like it or not, a patent is a legal method of granting an entity a limited monopoly for their intellectual property. If we believe, that Apple has invented something and successfully patented it, they should be granted this limited monopoly. IMHO what they invented is not that unique so they shouldn’t be granted this right but that is another argument

  • Where should I send my check for the licensing fees I have to pay apple for my picture frames, TV & Fireplace? Are doors included in this?

    Need G+ invites?

    Here: I have many and can’t give them away.

  • Mark 7

    So “if they win this”, will tablets have to be square now??

  • Jimmy

    This reminds me of an old article I read on the Onion…,599/

  • Harold Williams

    Well said Andrew! Let Apple sink away and be forgotten once again.

  • Blue Dragon

    Seems that the moron who wrote this article doesn’t know the difference between a patent and a trademark.

  • lextastic

    haha.. well im a N1 user, but serves you right. i mean, im using android and all, but im totally with apple on this one. although creation comes throuh copying, there has been too much of it lately.

  • lextastic

    and then again, fuck it, its just business.

  • Stigutz

    Just 2 questions to crApple:

    1) Why sueing Motorola only now when the Xoom has been advertised since last February?

    2) Why not sueing RIM or HP?

    I find the TouchPad being the tablet that looks the most like their patent, even in the screen ratio!

  • lrd

    Everyone knows Android’s a cheap imitation of an iPhone.

    To prove this, just compare how phones look before the iPhone and how they look today. Had we waited for Google, phones today would still look like the Palm Treo.

    Now, compare the iPhone to any Android phone: no iTunes, the App Market Place looks like high schoolers put it together as a senior project, no iBooks, no Game Center, no AirPlay. Many poor quality apps on Android. Many apps that steal your data on Android- good for Russian hackers.

    Really, the list just goes on and on.

    • Spectrum Holobyte

      Actually, the iPhone is an expensive imitation of the smart phone technology that preceded it.  When my friends and family constantly showed me their version of “there’s an app for that” I couldn’t stop laughing.  I kept telling them, “there was an app for that ten years ago.”

  • This is getting ridiculous

    If anybody cares to object: the agency who was stupid enough to accept this registration is:

  • GodJobs

    Um.. Not sure if all Apple haters are aware of this or not, but Apple is not suing Motarola and Samsung over software patent violations, it’s suing them over patents for design similarities. Not sure what litigate rather than innovate means since the othe companies are copying Apple.

    • Spectrum Holobyte

      Design similarities?  Seriously?  Do you expect every vendor other than Apple to make their tablets star shaped and the size of a football field?  Nobody is copying Apple.  The whole industry was predicting tablet computers for more than a decade and went through several abortive attempts before the technology and market was ready.

  • Brandon

    Ird listing all the lies and misinformation apple puts in their ads does not make you look at all intelligent or informed.

    Android doesn’t need iTunes, iBooks or any other apple created garbage, they have better alternatives, and more than one for each item you listed. Anyone that lists iTunes as a pro for a product is obviously an ultra-mega-moron.

    Android phones have far outpaced apple as far as hardware goes. That’s a game they can’t possibly win at this point, which is why they quit boasting about hardware and are now just flat out deceiving the dumber masses like yourself.

  • applesuxdonkeyd!k

    brandons right i had a 3gs for 3 weeks what a piece of sh*t… wooooo you can jailbreak em still its garbage everything ive done to my evo 4g right now would make it better than the iphail ten,im running sense 3. they all got apps droids are better, i could go on but the fact iphail lovers are here trolling just shows the neg. level of intelligence you idiots have.

    • Ackongolsim Thenewbelief

      U got a 3GS but no 4s yeah that’s buy the 2008 models and call them shit

  • Ird, I nearly stopped reading when you listed iTunes as a reason why the iPhone was better. I completely stopped reading once you said iBooks.

  • poo

    The HP TC1100 wasn’t touchscreen; it was a pen enabled TabletPC. I owned one as well as it’s predecessor the TC1000; What a dog of a TabletPC that was, lol.

  • Crapple

    Actually the first company to make a rectangular device was Microsoft in 2002 with the Microsoft Tablet PC, the craPad came in 2010.