Separate stand and adapters show up for ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

Engadget has reported that individual adapters for the Eee Pad Transformer have popped up on Amazon Germany.  Laying down the $150 for a docking station certainly will make this device more like a notebook, but having a dock at both home and the office might be a pricy venture.

The individual USB and SD adapters are €19 ($27) each. There is also a stand with a USB port, SD slot, and a headphone jack that will run you €29 ($41). This doesn’t seem too costly to have a nice stand at your office where your tablet may not be used as much as home or vice versa.

The disheartening part is there may be a long wait. It’s listed on Amazon that these adapters will ship anywhere from one to three months from now. While I don’t think these individual connecters should replace a dock, it’s certainly a cheaper alternative if you can’t afford a dock in multiple places.

[via engadget]

About the Author: Harold Williams

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