Poptuit lets you connect and share with the people you care about the most [Video]

Our lives move quick, and we are following a lot people from different social networks which can get confusing. Poptuit is looking to change that by giving you the power to truly connect and easily share with all the people you care about the most.

You may follow hundreds of people from different sources like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but the real question is how many do you interact with on a regular basis? Poptuit puts this number at 25 to 50 people, and that includes some local businesses.

With Poptuit you will see all your texts, calls, and other social streams in one feed. You can tap on any one message and you will be taken to their PopPage where you can like it or re-tweet it. You can also share pics, contacts, maps, web pages, and more without jumping between apps.

Poptuit takes the guesswork on who you communicate with the most. As you call, text, or share pictures with someone, they move up in your PopFaves. You can still control you favorites though, and Poptuit will also do its best to grab a photo for each of your contacts that don’t have one. It will look in their Poptuit pics, your Gmail account, or any other social network that you’ve registered. If it still can’t find one, it will attempt to find another cool picture that associates with them like a fun photo taken from somewhere near where they’re from (based on phone number area code).

Poptuit also becomes you personal business directory. Most people contact businesses, but never store them in their contacts. Poptuit will store them in a separate Merchant PopFaves gallery. You will have access to stuff like hours, ratings, and websites. It will also find relevant deals or coupons, but it sounds like it will go beyond Groupon type deals. One example could be that Poptuit will let you know if someone is selling a gift card really cheap on eBay from one of your frequented merchants.

Poptuit is going to be FREE, but it is not available yet. It is in beta now so expect to see it soon. For now check out the demo video of it in action.

[via poptuit]

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  • Brian Rubin

    OMG, I could TOTALLY use something like this, so I signed up for the beta. Thanks!