Blu-ray digital download movies coming to Android from 20th Century Fox

With services like Netflix and Hulu making their way to Android devices, even if its only a small amount so far, it’s no wonder that other distributors are looking to make mobile apps for their services. 20th Century Fox may be the next in line to bring movies to the small screen, by releasing an app that allows you to download a digital copy to your device from Blu-Ray titles it offers.

Those who take advantage of the service should be warned that downloading an entire movie, never mind a Blu-Ray title will use up a significant amount of bandwidth, and thus, recommended it be done over Wi-Fi, not 3G or 4G connections (unless of course you pay for unlimited use, or a large amount of bandwidth). When Fox launches this app, let’s hope they are learning from Netflix and Hulu’s limits, and launch the app for compatibility to any Android device over Android 2.2 at the very least.

[via slashgear]

  • Steve Watts

    Great move 20th Century Fox!

    Will you be coming into the 21st century any time soon and addressing two of the major issues behind movie piracy by:
    1. NOT restricting downloads to the U.S. and a handful of other select countries only?
    2. Releasing movies on a worldwide timescale rather than a grotesquely staggered one?


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