T-Mobile G2 gets official Gingerbread 2.3.3 build leaked

On one of T-Mobile’s support forum threads, The T-Mobile G2 Gingerbread leak for build 2.3.3 is creating some steam. It looks like the official Android 2.3.3 build for the G2 is now available, with a couple of minor bugs still, but none the less, it’s there. So if you’re OK with installing this very close to complete build for Gingerbread 2.3.3 on the G2, here’s some more information to help you along the way, including the bug list, and instructions on how to get it running.

As always, be sure to run backups of your device in the event something goes wrong with the update. I recommend Titanium Backup for starters.

This leak version is the SAME as Tmobile has been shipping out to some phone… IS THE EXACT SAME VERSION. So, if you have an original G2 (not refurb), and you want Gingerbread badly, I recommend this one. Dont exchange your phone… YOU WILL REGRET IT!

Gingerbread 2.3.3

There’s a few cons about the leak like:

  • No 3-botton reset.
  • Long pressing the camera buttom makes the phone vibrates.
  • You cant root the phone once this is done. There’s no way to downgrade again to 2.2.
  • Some people had reported problems with their backlight keyboard (I dont have any)

However, the pros outweights the cons:

  • Better radio (No, not AM/FM radio)
  • Better audio codecs
  • Faster boot up… (under 30 seconds on my phone)
  • Faster response.
  • Better GUI
  • Bug Fix on bluetooth and Wifi.


  • Download the file.
  • Save it on you SD card on the Root, not on a folder.
  • turn your device off and then on by holding power on and volume button together. This will boot you into t-Mobile G2 bootloader.
  • once your device boots into the bootloader, it will automatically search and detect PC10IMG.ZIP file. Please remain patient as this can take some time.
  • Once it detects and scans the file, you will need to press the volume up button on your phone to restore you device. This will again take 5 to 10 minutes so patience is advised. During this process, the phone will reboot and and resume installation of stock firmware.
  • Once the flashing / installation is complete, press the power button in order to reboot.
  • Once you have completed all these steps, connect your phone again to the computer, mount SD card and delete PC10IMG.ZIP file.

If i skip some thing please feel free to post your comments here.

[via phandroid]

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  • bagelnation

    I did the update, and am one of the unlucky few whose keyboard backlight no longer works :-( Otherwise gingerbread looks great. Anyone know how to get the backlight working again?

  • david

    I have the g2 with the leaked 2.3.3 and its pretty good. I’ve had it since mid june, so this page is slightly outdated, but hey. Anyways I was wondering if you can still update the phone when a higher system comes out?

  • Thad

    I have the backlight issue, whereas since the update my keyboard backlight will not come on. I received the update OTA. Solution???

  • Wyrdguy

    Hello all,i recently got a G2 given to me though it was rooted,a day or so after playing around with it i got an update for 2.3.3.Phone said it would handle the update itself and i’m hesitant to do it because a friend said no more videos if i do it.

    Can anyone help out?it will also keep prompting me to update every so often