Netflix patch works on ASUS Transformer – makes Honeycomb sweeter

We had some Netflix news a couple days ago for Honeycomb tablets, but ASUS Transformer users were perhaps feeling a little left out in the cold on the support side of things. It was working on some, but unfortunately not all. That’s going to change today, as a patch is now available to get Netflix running on all ASUS Transformer devices. Yeah, we said it, now grab it from the source link below!

[via xda developers]

  • All *ROOTED* devices. ;)

  • phonethug

    Yo can u guyz hook up somethin the acer a500 iconia?

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    Rooted my Transformer with NVRam and Prime 1.6. Followed the instructions on the XDA forum. Installed the APK and copied from the zip to /system/lib/ using Total Commander. Works great!

  • Matthew

    an update came out today and you no longer need to root your device. my netflix works fine. update showed up Tuesday, August 23, 2011. my asus is NOT rooted.

  • ed lanzetti

    I have updated my transformer to 3.2, but still can not view netflix. Not computer savy, please provide instruction on how to makeit work. Thanks